Piquero se rompe la cara: An 'influencer' breaks his face by going 'too much' in the gymPiquero se rompe la cara:


Being an influencer must be complicated. At least in the world of fitness , where some strive to prove every day that they are the most agile, the fastest and the strongest to try to win followers, money and advertising contracts.

And so much effort sometimes entails a certain risk, and the risk can lead to an accident, as has happened to Bradley Martyn, a fitness YouTuber , who has more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Bradley was doing a routine of different exercises in the gym with another young woman, when it was time for the bench press: an exercise that consists of lying on an abdominal bench with your back well supported and lifting weights above your chest.

But it was not enough for him to lift a bar, a disc or dumbbells. He wanted his partner to stand on top of the puck and lift the entire pack. And he succeeded, but there came a time when the puck slipped and hit him square in the face, with the added weight of the young woman.


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