Racy video of NFL host shared online


Here is the explicit NFL host video that has gone viral on Twitter. This video has been an extremely trending subject on the internet since it first started. Check the video below by scrolling down.

The sportscaster sparked Instagram with a video she posted showcasing her lacy undergarment attire. Only a few seconds of the video were shared by the “Up & Adams” FanDuel show host, but that was more than enough to get her followers all riled up in the comments.

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Racy video of NFL host

On the Up & Adams episode airing this Thursday, Kay Adams attempted to have a grand celebration of her 37th birthday. Instead, she accidentally produced a situation that made her the center of attention.

As Adams tried to pop a champagne bottle on air, a good amount of it sprayed in her face. 

“I literally can’t open my eye,” said Adams immediately after this happened. 

Adams later joked about this moment on Twitter. She said, “This should be behind a pay wall.”

Most of Adams’ followers are loving this video. 

Racy video of NFL host

“Kay is a never ending source of quality entertainment,” one fan said. 

Another fan responded, “A+ tweet.”

Adams has been a fan favorite for a few years now. That won’t change anytime soon. 



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