Selina Tested Reloaded Episode 32 Ratata Day


Selina Tested Reloaded Episode 32 Ratata Day

The most-anticipated Episode of the Selina Reloaded series, “SelinaTested Reloaded Episode 32,” is finally out. This new episode was released on the 18th of April, 2023, it is tagged “Ratata Day 2” with the caption that says “Diabolic powers has been born from a little misunderstanding from the street boys.” Download and enjoy.

Selina Tested Reloaded Episode 32, “Ratata Day 2,” is very much available for download and viewing on Insidegistblog. In this episode, Odogwu and his squad are all going to the court to cause trouble, that was why they call it “Ratata Day 2.”

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Selina Tested Episode 32 Story

Sibi’s body is still in the death space, his body has refused to decay or emit any odor after he was killed by Aboy. The quest to take back control over Holy Ground by Aboy, Chiboy and Odogwu against Sibi and his men is very high now. Watch this episode here and get the full gist.


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