The Brutal Murder of Débora Bessa


Débora Bessa, age 19, had been missing since January 9 until her family finally located her on January 13 in a wooded area of Rio Branco’s Caladinho district. Her body had been cut into pieces and allowed to rot.

Soon later, a video showing her horrible death went viral. Débora was a drug cartel member, but she left to provide a better life for her 5-year-old kid, said her sister Sarah Bessa. According to other stories, Debora was allegedly hiding from the gang at a chapel.

The matter got a lot of media attention, so the police started a thorough investigation. One of the individuals in the video, André de Souza Martins, the one with the machete, was eventually apprehended. Lucille Souza do Nascimento was the next woman who was scheduled to take part in the execution.

The court gave each of them a 60-year prison term. But after the appeal, he was only able to get the sentence lowered to “only” 36 and a half years. The two were allegedly members of the infamous Brazilian cartel Commando Vermelho (CV), according to certain sources.

Watch The Brutal Murder of Débora Bessa


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