The Next 365 Days Ending Explained on Netflix, Plot, Cast and more

The Next 365 Days 

"The Next 365 Days," also known as "Kolejne 365 dni," is a Polish erotic drama film released in 2022. The movie is directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, and it serves as a sequel to another film titled "365 Days: This Day," which also came out in 2022.

The storyline of the film is based on the third novel of a trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. The cast includes notable actors such as Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Simone Susinna, Magdalena Lamparska, and Otar Saralidze.

Similar to its predecessors, the film revolves around themes of romance and sensuality. It explores the passionate and often intense relationships between its characters. The storyline likely delves into emotional complexities and conflicts that arise from such relationships, capturing the attention of viewers with its provocative content.

However, despite its potentially engaging premise, the film was met with widespread negative reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The term "universally panned" suggests that the film received overwhelmingly negative feedback and criticism. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including concerns about the film's plot execution, character development, acting performances, and its portrayal of explicit content.

The negative reception might stem from the film's attempt to blend elements of romance and eroticism, which can sometimes be challenging to balance effectively. Critics and viewers may have found fault with how the film handled these elements, potentially leading to a disconnect between the audience's expectations and the final product.


The Next 365 Days Ending Explained on Netflix 

After Laura uncovers the unsettling truth that Massimo is responsible for her dog's death, a series of dramatic events unfold. Laura uses her allure to manipulate Massimo, eventually managing to escape from his clutches. She makes a daring getaway, choosing to flee alongside Nacho, her newfound romantic interest. This unexpected turn of events takes the story in a new direction.

Surprisingly, Massimo, the powerful and unpredictable mob boss, surprisingly agrees to a divorce. This decision marks a significant shift in his character, as he willingly lets go of Laura. This development paves the way for a somewhat unexpected ending. Laura and Nacho, now free from Massimo's influence, find themselves able to pursue their relationship without the shadow of danger looming over them.

The idea of living "happily ever after" implies that Laura and Nacho's love story concludes on a positive note, with their relationship flourishing in the absence of external threats. The notion of "happily ever after" is often associated with fairy tales and signifies a harmonious and satisfying resolution to the characters' struggles.

Massimo's acceptance of Laura's departure without resorting to further violence or manipulation speaks to his growth and evolution as a character. This denouement might also highlight the complexity of emotions he holds for Laura; while he may have acted in harmful ways previously, he ultimately acknowledges her autonomy and wishes her well.


The Next 365 Days Ending Explained Cast 



Anna-Maria Sieklucka Laura Biel
Michele Morrone Don Massimo Torricelli
Simone Susinna Nacho
Magdalena Lamparska Olga
Otar Saralidze Domenico
Ewa Kasprzyk Klara Biel
Dariusz Jakubowski Tomasz Biel
Ramón Langa Don Fernando Matos
Tomasz Mandes Tommaso
Natalia Siwiec Emily
Karolina Pisarek Amelia

The Next 365 Days Ending Explained Plot 

Massimo pays a visit to the grave of his late twin brother, Adriano, who tragically lost his life during the events of the previous film. He then checks on Laura, who has managed to survive the attack that involved Adriano.

Although she is in the process of healing, Laura is grappling with physical and emotional scars. Despite her doctor's advice to refrain from intimacy until she fully recovers, Laura's pent-up desires lead her to seduce Massimo during one of his business meetings.

Subsequently, Laura shares her thoughts with her close friend Olga while they relax together. She reflects on her miraculous survival and contemplates the possibilities that lie ahead given her second chance at life. Just as she's pondering her choices, Laura receives a phone call from Nacho, the man she was involved with. He apologizes for his deception and confesses that he can't stop thinking about her.

Although Laura initially rejects him, she confides in Olga about her inner struggle. Despite being married to Massimo, she grapples with her intense attraction to his rival, Nacho.

The two friends decide to unwind by going to a club, and later, Laura meets up with Massimo. Their encounter culminates in a sexual encounter after they watch a private strip performance. However, Massimo remains haunted by Laura's previous escape with Nacho to a private island. He accuses her of infidelity and expresses his lingering resentment about not being informed of her pregnancy. Laura counters by blaming Massimo's family for the loss of her baby.

The following morning, Massimo attempts to reconcile with Laura through intimacy, but her thoughts drift to Nacho, disrupting the moment. Realizing her distraction, Massimo stops their interaction. In a separate scene, Massimo goes to a kink club with his associates but remains faithful to Laura.

Distressed by the potential breakdown of her marriage, Laura redirects her focus towards her fashion career and assumes the role of a brand ambassador. Her professional strides lead her to the Lagos Fashion Fair in Portugal, where she and Olga travel. Coincidentally, they cross paths with Nacho, who is participating in a surfing competition. Despite Laura's attempts to avoid him, she continues to grapple with intense sexual dreams involving Nacho.

Eventually, they come face to face at a club during the fashion event. Their conversation evolves into a passionate encounter, leading to sexual intimacy on the beach.

Nacho discloses that he saved Massimo's life because he recognized Laura's love for him. Although he acknowledges his feelings for Laura, he respects her choices and commits to waiting for her. Laura returns to her hotel, only to be confronted by a furious Massimo who has learned about her affair with Nacho through Olga. Laura threatens divorce and requests space, which Massimo reluctantly agrees to.

Laura returns to Poland to reconnect with her parents and grapples with her feelings for both Massimo and Nacho. Her mother encourages her to prioritize her own happiness, prompting Laura to reflect on her journey since meeting Massimo almost a year ago. Her thoughts take a provocative turn as she envisions a threesome involving herself and the two men.

A call from Olga alerts Laura to the fact that Massimo is aware of her involvement with Nacho. Concerned for Laura's safety, Olga fears Massimo's reaction. Remaining composed, Laura decides to return to Sicily to confront the situation. To her surprise, Nacho poses as her chauffeur.

He emphasizes that his feelings for her developed from friendship and pleads for a chance with her. Laura, needing time to contemplate her emotions, asks Nacho to be patient once more.

A beach meeting between Laura and Massimo ensues. Massimo acknowledges his past mistakes, particularly his controlling behavior and absence during her time of need. Laura addresses her affair with Nacho, and Massimo reveals the lessons his father taught him about the value of allowing love to grow organically. Massimo seeks a decision from Laura about which man she will choose, but her answer remains uncertain as the scene concludes.

When The Next 365 Days Going to be Released? 

"The Next 365 Days" made its debut on 19th August 2022, exclusively available for streaming on the popular online platform, Netflix. The release date holds significance as it marks the day when audiences were granted access to the film's continuation of the storyline. As a sequel to the previous film "365 Days: This Day," this release was highly anticipated by fans who were eager to witness the progression of characters' journeys and the unfolding of new plot developments.

Releasing on Netflix implies that the film was accessible to a global audience across various countries, providing viewers with the convenience to watch it from the comfort of their own homes. This digital distribution platform allowed the film to reach a vast number of subscribers, thereby generating widespread interest and discussions.

The release date on Netflix also underscores the growing trend of streaming platforms becoming major players in the entertainment industry. The ability to release a film directly on a streaming service presents an alternative distribution method to traditional theatrical releases. It offers filmmakers and studios the opportunity to showcase their content to a wide audience without the constraints of physical locations or time slots.

Furthermore, the choice of releasing "The Next 365 Days" on Netflix might have been influenced by the success of the previous film on the platform. If the first film had garnered a substantial viewership and positive reception, it would make sense for the creators to leverage the established audience base and anticipation for the sequel's release.

In conclusion, "The Next 365 Days" premiered on 19th August 2022 as a streaming exclusive on Netflix. This strategic choice of release date and platform allowed the film to reach a global audience, building upon the success of its predecessor and showcasing the growing influence of streaming services in the film industry.

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