Too Hot To Handle Season 5: Are Elys & Alex Still Together? 

Who are Elys & Alex?

Elys and Alex are two individuals who were part of the cast of the fifth season of the reality dating show "Too Hot To Handle," which airs on Netflix. The show features a group of commitment-phobic contestants who come together in a retreat setting, with the goal of forming genuine romantic connections while refraining from any sexual activity. The participants are monitored by Lana, a virtual assistant similar to Alexa, throughout the duration of the show.

Elys and Alex were among the contestants who managed to establish a strong and solid romantic connection during their time on the show. The journey to their relationship was not without its challenges and obstacles, mirroring the experiences of other contestants on the show. As the show progresses, viewers become invested in the dynamics and outcomes of these relationships, creating anticipation and interest in whether Elys and Alex will manage to maintain their connection and potentially win the prize fund offered by the show.

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Are Elys & Alex Still Together?

No, Alex and Elys are not together. They were a couple on the fifth season of "Too Hot To Handle," have unfortunately decided to go their separate ways. This outcome might not be unexpected for viewers, given the geographical distance between them. Alex resides in London, while Elys is originally from Switzerland but lives in Los Angeles. The considerable distance between their locations likely posed a challenge to maintaining their romantic connection. Despite their decision to part ways romantically, it's heartening to know that they still maintain a positive and amicable relationship.

Their continued mutual following on Instagram suggests that they remain in each other's lives in some capacity. In an interview with Elite Daily, Elys shared that they remained together for nearly six months after filming the show. During that time, their relationship was described as passionate and lively. However, the demands of Elys' frequent traveling and the difficulties posed by the long-distance nature of their relationship eventually led to its end. Despite the separation, it's refreshing to hear that they still hold each other in high regard and maintain a positive connection.


Elys & Alex Relationship in Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Alex and Elys journeyed through the trials of Too Hot To Handle, ultimately standing as a united pair at the show's climax. Alex, a 28-year-old hailing from London, England, and Elys, aged 23 from Lausanne, Switzerland, stepped into the spotlight as original contenders on the fifth season's debut day. From the outset, Alex held an interest in Elys. Yet, her initial focus swayed towards Hunter, which led Alex to join forces with Megan. Elys eventually realized her deeper bond with Alex, prompting her to part ways with Hunter, despite a prior kiss. This shift, however, raised hesitations for Alex due to Elys' history with Hunter.

Lana, orchestrator of the retreat, intervened by sending Elys on a date with Hunter. Midway through, Lana offered Elys a pivotal choice: to remain with Hunter or shift to Alex. Opting for Alex, their date flourished, cementing their partnership till the season's closure. Their path was largely smooth thereafter, although their 12-minute kiss, breaking records, incurred a $36,000 deduction from the prize pot.

Simultaneously, Alex confronted uncertainties concerning commitment to Elys. Lana presented a decisive ultimatum: $25,000 in exchange for an immediate exit, or persistence within their relationship, entailing forfeiture of the prize. This ultimatum triggered a realization of Elys' significance to Alex, compelling him to stay. As the finale neared, Elys emerged triumphant in season five's Too Hot To Handle. Louis and Alex, both bypassing the $25,000 offer, were sidelined from the win. Lana crowned Elys and Dre as finalists, recognizing their noteworthy transformation.

Following the contestants' vote, Elys emerged as the victor. However, her magnanimity shone through, opting to share the spoils equally with Dre. Her motivation stemmed from the awareness of the impact on him and his family. Departing the show as a confirmed couple, Alex and Elys sealed their journey with exchanged 'I love yous,' marking the inaugural declaration of love for the season.

Where are Elys & Alex Now?

As of now, Alex has returned to his base in London after his appearance on Too Hot To Handle. He has been actively engaging with his Instagram followers, sharing updates about his life. Recently, he had a reunion with fellow cast member Louis, a meetup that he highlighted on his social media platform. Alex has also been consistent in documenting his fitness journey, featuring numerous shirtless pictures on his feed. Notably, he used to work as a personal trainer and even offered complimentary workout plans during the pandemic, encouraging donations to the mental health charity Devon Mind.

On the other hand, Elys has confirmed that she is presently single and residing in Los Angeles. She has been notably active on her social media accounts, frequently sharing snapshots of her interactions with other members of the Too Hot To Handle cast. In short, Alex is back in London, sharing updates about his life, gym progress, and reunions with fellow cast members. Elys is presently residing in Los Angeles, concentrating on her career, spending time with family, and staying connected with her Too Hot To Handle co-stars through active social media interactions.

About Too Hot To Handle Season 5

Too Hot to Handle's highly anticipated fifth season made its debut on July 14, 2023, captivating audiences with its enticing blend of romance and restraint. The season's rollout was divided into three enticing installments, with a portion of the episodes arriving on July 21, 2023, followed by the remaining episodes on July 28, 2023. This scorching new chapter was greenlit by Netflix in January 2023, signaling the network's commitment to delivering the next installment of this reality dating phenomenon. The production took place at the stunning Emerald Pavilion located in the picturesque Turks and Caicos Islands, adding an extra layer of allure to the show's romantic escapades.

As commitment-phobic contestants converged within this captivating tropical setting, they embarked on a journey to form genuine connections while battling their own desires. The stakes were higher than ever, with the potential for fiery relationships to either ignite or fizzle under the watchful eye of the show's virtual assistant, Lana. With the picturesque backdrop of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the unique twist of fostering meaningful connections, Too Hot to Handle Season 5 promised an electrifying mix of temptation, emotion, and personal growth that fans of the series have come to eagerly anticipate.

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