Trailblazers: Ramzy Merrach’s AR Revolution as Head of Innovation at City Global

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, individuals with the vision and determination to harness innovation have the power to reshape industries and drive progress. One such trailblazer is Ramzy Merrach, the Head of Innovation at City Global. Hailing from humble beginnings in a disadvantaged neighborhood in France, Ramzy’s journey is a testament to the transformative potential of hard work, education, and a deep passion for technology. With a remarkable background that spans digital entrepreneurship, academic excellence, and immersive studies at UC Berkeley, Ramzy has now embarked on a remarkable chapter as a key figure in the world of Augmented Reality (AR) innovation.

From Humble Beginnings to Digital Entrepreneurship

Ramzy Merrach’s story is one of determination and resilience. Growing up in a financially challenged neighborhood as the child of Moroccan immigrant parents, Ramzy understood the value of education and seized every opportunity that came his way. At the young age of 18, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by founding a digital marketing agency, showcasing his innate ability to navigate the digital realm. This early success laid the foundation for a future marked by groundbreaking innovations.

A Journey of Academic Excellence

Ramzy achieved academic achievement because of his commitment to learning. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and was named Valedictorian. He then pursued a Masters at one of France’s most esteemed universities. But it was his experience at UC Berkeley that proved to be a turning point in his life. Ramzy’s interest in Augmented Reality prompted him to explore it when he was studying entrepreneurship. He had no idea that this fledgling interest would become the inspiration for all of his future endeavours.

AR: A Catalyst for Change

Ramzy’s route converged with the fascinating field of augmented reality technology once he finished his education. His enthusiasm for the potential of augmented reality to transform everyday lives was sparked when he joined Gallery Arc, a startup in the AR industry, as a project manager. With this renewed fervour, he made his way to City Global, a product development company, with the specific goal of bringing efficiency to the business’ operations through AR innovation.

Transforming Industries through AR Innovation

Ramzy has had a significant impact on City Global as the Head of Innovation. He was aware of the inefficiencies in conventional supply chain procedures, where product development decisions were frequently made using outdated 2D mockups. Costly and time-consuming prototyping caused delays and increased costs. Ramzy’s unconventional strategy caused a paradigm shift when he first integrated 3D and augmented reality (AR) models into product proposals. Before spending money on prototyping, customers could now visualise items in their surroundings and make informed decisions. This ground-breaking strategy improved the buyer’s experience while also saving time and resources.

For wearable projects, Ramzy’s deployment of AR filters allowed buyers to envisage the final product’s appearance. Simultaneously, suppliers could precisely comprehend specifications, sizes, textures, and aesthetics, resulting in reduced prototyping rounds and significantly shorter lead times. This amalgamation of technology and creativity demonstrated the potential of AR to streamline processes and enhance collaboration across the supply chain.

Automating Efficiency, Envisioning the Future

Ramzy’s quest for efficiency extended beyond AR innovation. He implemented automated internal operating processes, eradicating hours of manual data entry. These endeavors reflect his holistic approach to transformation, where each cog in the organizational machinery contributes to the greater goal of progress.

As he looks ahead, Ramzy envisions a future where AI plays a pivotal role. His plan to develop an AI model predicting product prices based on a repository of thousands of projects showcases his unwavering commitment to harnessing technology for maximal impact. This model promises to slash quoting times from a day to mere minutes, epitomizing the kind of revolutionary change Ramzy is championing.


Ramzy Merrach’s journey from a disadvantaged neighborhood to becoming a driving force in AR innovation exemplifies the transformative power of passion, education, and technology. His trajectory from digital entrepreneurship to academic brilliance, and finally to his impactful role at City Global, underscores his exceptional ability to transcend barriers and pioneer change. As Head of Innovation, Ramzy’s pioneering work not only highlights the potential of AR to revolutionize industries but also serves as an inspiration to all aspiring trailblazers. His dedication to innovation, efficiency, and progress cements his legacy as a true pioneer of the digital age.



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