Transgender Users Become More Earnestly to Seek Serious Relationship on Trans dating app Translr

According to the research of the Translr team, the requirements of trans users are constantly changing over time. In 2022, 1.6 million people, or 0.6% of Americans over 13-year-old identify as transgender. This year, this number jumps. 

Translr is the No.1 dating site for trans people in the United States with 1.5M users. With the recent report of the team, over 260k in this transgender dating app are trans people. This figure also shows seeking relationships online is an optimistic choice for them. 

The team conducted an investigation on 10k trans users and ultimately identified five reasons for joining this online dating app. One user can only choose two reasons once. In the end, they divided the requirements into five major reasons.

1 Out of curiosity. People who choose this reason account for 49% among all. They are very curious about what dating apps are specifically designed for them, especially the text and gender settings. The whole working system is attractive. Besides trans users, other people are curious about the trans community. In the United States, over 1.6M are trans people and this number can be higher in the near future. 

2 Just for chatting and fun. It is a pity that trans people face many problems in real life. If they find somewhere to release their pressure, they are willing to take time. Trans users involved choose this reason for 44%. On the one hand, they want to chat with people about their attitudes and life. On the other hand, it is a great hub to put troubles behind. 

3 For online dating safety. Most trans users show that they are more willing to chat with strangers online because it is a safe way. There are many things that they dare not confide in the people around them. Those leading ts dating apps will protect their personal information so they contact people with no worries. Those trans users account for 35%. 

4 For finding true love. Before starting this study, Translr team never imagined that over 61% of trans users choose this reason. According to the stereotype, people who are fanatic of online dating apps may just want to find one night stands. Seeking a serious relationship is not their first choice. However, over half of trans users choose this way to seek a serious relationship. Quite a few transgender users are convinced that online apps help them to find marriage. 

The team says that in the past three years, the number of trans users has doubled. Trans users need to choose the selection to show they are looking for marriage, one night stands or friends. According to their latest study, trans users are more eager to find serious lovers on their app, which is surprising to all. The reasons may come from multiple aspects and the team is preparing to investigate why trans users choose to search for true love online.  

The CEO of Translr Justin expresses that his team is going to work more for contributing trans users to find people with the same hobbies and interests, based on a more precise arithmetic and matching system. 

The issue of trans people seems to never end. Three bills in NA targeting transgender youth have been the focus of the people’s attention. Trans needs including dating need to be seen by the world. Recently, the team of leading transgender dating app Translr has investigated the reason why trans users join. The final result shows that trans people who look for real love are more earnest than ever. 


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