Two Underrated Leveling Helmets At The Start Of POE 3.22 Trial Of The Ancestors League – Thrillsteel & Honourhome


The end of ExileCon 2023 brought us good news, that is, Path of 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors will be officially released on August 18, 2023. Since the new league is still a while away, I’m going to discuss a few underused low-level leveling unique items. Maybe you can use them at the new league start.


In this article, we will focus on the Helm slot


When someone says leveling a unique helmet, most of the players already think of one of the most iconic and sought-after POE Items from the early levels: Goldrim Leather Cap. This is the most commonly used helmet for leveling because of its all Elemental Resistance mod.

Underrated Helmets

This time, we take a look at the other two items, which are Honourhome Soldier Helmet and Thrillsteel Barbute Helmet.

Honourhome Soldier Helmet

Let us break down Honourhome Soldier Helmet first.



This item is very good for spell casters because of +2 to the level of socketed gems. Since the spells are scaling with the gem levels pretty well, this helmet almost doubling the spell damage if you socket your spell gems or more POE Currency in it at the early levels. Attack skill gems do not benefit from this too much.


The next thing about this item is the added Lightning Damage to Spells and Attacks, which is really good in early levels. Extra damage never hurt. I would say the item rarity stat in this early is not really a big thing when the monsters drop nearly nothing. It could help to get a few more rare or unique items. But the chance to get something useful items is pretty low. So, don’t worry about this too much.


But, the next stat is pretty useful early even maybe later in the game, the reduced Mana Cost of Skills. We use less Mana and we don’t need to press Mana Flask often. Maybe the problem with this item is the level requirement because it’s level 12, which is almost the end of Act 1 or some beginning of Act 2. You can make this item mediocre for leveling. But if you leveling with the spell and got an Orb of Alchemy drop, just go for it.

Thrillsteel Barbute Helmet

Next up, I want to talk about another item for leveling and that is the Thrillsteel Barbute Helmet.



This is item even higher level than the last one, level 18. This is also pretty late and at this point, you maybe already found good rare helmet.


But maybe the item could be very interesting. Because it gives us the Permanent Onslaught effect, which is +20% Movement Cast and Attack Speed. This could be good for those who start late or got unlucky with the helmet drops.

How Can You Get Thrillsteel And Honourhome At The Start Of The New League?

Thrillsteel and Honourhome on the first day of the league are very obtainable. And there is plenty on the market.


Also, keep in mind, in the next league Trial of the Ancestors, you will have a chance to get a unique item as a reward for defeating your opponent in the arena.



In the Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors Trailer, you can see there is a unique belt offered as a reward. I am not saying this is 100% and you will get this belt. Just keep in mind, there is a chance to get a unique item while testing the league mechanic in Act 1.


I always spend a few minutes to take a look at the league mechanic and if it’s worth trying to get a unique item or something useful. I know this is not the fastest way. But I only have fun when I try new things. After all, that is why games are played for fun.

How Much Are Thrillsteel And Honourhome On The First Day Of The New League?

The prices of both items on the first day of the league are 1 Orb of Alchemy to 1 Chaos Orb. According to PoE ninja, you can check yourself on the graphs while searching for the item. I think it is a very fair price for this even if you paying 1 Chaos Orb for it.


But I think you can get this item for 1 Orb of Alchemy pretty quick. I looked up the trade site and there is a few that listed 4 months ago. So, that is likely the first day of the league.


Here are some more disclaimers.


You don’t have to use these two helmets for leveling. Maybe when these two items are available for your character, you already got a good rare drop.


Sadly, I would not find a better leveling item than these two that is not a Goldrim. Also, you can 100% complete the Acts without these items.


I know there are some speedrunners who slash groups on the first day of the new league, almost made it to level 90 or even Knocked down an Uber Boss. This is only a little interesting series that hopefully focuses on low-level upgrade unique items that are underused or underrated. Do you have any favourite leveling unique helmet?


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