Valheim Reveals Patch 0.217.14 Patch Notes

Valheim Reveals Patch 0.217.14 Patch Notes

Valheim enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as Patch 0.217.14, named "Hildir’s Request," has been unveiled, promising an array of exciting additions and valuable quality-of-life enhancements. The standout features of this patch include the introduction of a new merchant named Hildir, who, alongside her brother Haldor, expands Valheim's trading opportunities.

Hildir not only offers quests but also an assortment of items for purchase, making gold, the game's primary currency, even more valuable. Players who assist Hildir in recovering her lost stock will unlock a variety of new clothing and other items to enhance their in-game experience.

Additionally, Valheim fans can look forward to fresh content, such as dungeons and mini-bosses, offering new challenges and adventures. The patch also introduces long-awaited server modifiers, allowing players to customize their gameplay experience by adjusting factors like difficulty, portal behavior, resources, and raids to align with their Viking gaming preferences. With enhanced visual aesthetics, improved building mechanics, and added hair and beard styles for character customization, Patch 0.217.14 brings a wealth of enhancements to the Valheim universe.

Furthermore, this update includes specific improvements tailored for Xbox users, enhancing their Valheim journey. Overall, Valheim continues to evolve, cementing its position as a beloved survival game, and Patch 0.217.14 underscores the developer's commitment to delivering an engaging and ever-improving gaming experience for its dedicated player base.

Valheim Patch 0.217.14 Patch Notes

Abbreviated Patch Notes:

New Content:

* New NPC: Hildir the merchant

* New locations

* World modifiers added

* 2 new crafting extensions

* New hair and beard styles

* New items


* Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets

* Various visual improvements

* Quick-stack button added

* Manual snapping for building added

New Content:

* New NPC: Hildir the merchant

* New location: Hildir’s camp

* New location: Smouldering tomb (classic dungeon)

* New location: Howling cavern (classic dungeon)

* New location: Sealed tower (open dungeon)

* 3 new mini bosses

* World modifiers button added to start game screen with many customization/difficulty options (select a preset or design your own)

* 8 different Fireworks added (Including Thunderstone and Black Core thrown in the fire)

* New item: Sparkler

* New clothing: 10 hats & headscarves

* New clothing: 14 dresses and tunics

* Black forge extension: Vice (Upgrades to level 3 possible)

* Magetable extension: Unfading Candle (Upgrades to level 3 possible)

* New material: Barber kit

* New furniture: Barber station

* New material: Iron pit

* New furniture: Firepit

* 8 new hairstyles

* 5 new beard styles

* 4 new music tracks

Fixes & Improvements:

* Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets

* Haldor animations updated

* All fire effects have been overhauled

* Smoke balls created by fires now have random rotation and no longer pop in when spawned

* Added Hugin hints informing the player that traders can be found in the game

* Spawn command can now specify fields

* Fixed a bug which caused level up algorithm to be a bit off depending on when you die

* Reduced lag spike when selecting worlds in the Select World menu by reusing existing world list elements, rather than destroying all and instancing all new ones

* Widened the Manage Saves Menu and show the time of the timestamp

* Retrieve timestamp from file name rather than file metadata if present in the file name. This means moving a file to/from cloud no longer affects the sorting order of files with timestamps in their names

* Fixed oversight that saved unnecessary characters (such as spaces) in an IP address to the server list if the IP address could be parsed successfully

* Chat doesn’t open on Ping anymore

* Resolved chat blocking input for other UI (such as map)

* Fixed issue where minimap pin input field for PC version was getting invisible

* Join code is now hidden when HUD’s visibility is toggled off

* Fixed an issue where boats could fall through the ocean

* Fixed a bug that had water in caves be affected by wind

* New optimised low vegetation quality setting will have a small amount of grass rather than none

* Fixed LOD terrain mesh becoming visibly distorted when standing near modified terrain in some cases

* Fixed a vegetation shader issue

* Fixed a threading issue, the game quits a bit faster as a result

* Fixed a bug where the music could get stuck in the morning and evening when in dungeons

* Fixed a bug that could cause the server list to stop working

* Opening console now blocks hotbar navigation

* Offline players can now send map pings on Xbox and MS store version

* Fixed missing special characters on signs

* Fixed glowing signs

* You now have better control over growing plants as they will now grow into approximately their sapling’s rotation, but they start with a random rotation when planting

* Fixed flickering colours when placing beech sapling

* You can now zoom the camera while using the hammer, hoe & cultivator if no rotation is possible while using the mouse, and always on gamepad

* Removing a piece is now done when you release the button rather then pressing it (to allow for button combinations and so you can change your mind and hover away)

* Prevent character from jumping when in piece selection

* Reset "auto run" after dodge

* Fixed a crash related to the old portal

* Fixed sometimes missing tooltip for inventory items

* Fixed some broken item names

* Menu usage is now blocked when HUD is hidden

* Enemy spawn block and item despawn now matches workbench build radius

* Fixed AI updates behaving wrong (mobs should feel more responsive again)

* Fix for Riding skill not improving

Quality of Life:

* Quick stack button to quickly place all items already in a container from your inventory. Can also be done by simply holding the use key when interacting with a container

* You can now manually choose snapping point with Q & E for precision building

* Intro sequence can now be skipped from the pause menu and the game can be paused while in the intro

* Workbench and Forge now get slightly increased build range when upgraded

* Crafting benches’ build range is now cylindrical instead of spherical

* Precision placement of buildpieces changed to show when holding ctrl

* Added ability to copy build piece while in build mode


* Fixed a bug on Xbox where ticks wouldn’t attach correctly

* Fixed Xbox bug which could cause the player to jump while selecting a building piece

* Added another controller scheme, and the ability to hide HUD when using a controller and on Xbox

* Fixed vegetation and reflection shader for Xbox

* Alt functionality key changed to LB for Console 2 mapping

* Added quick selection commands for console (Store: X+DPad, Load: Y+DPad)

* Fixed tooltip position for store items when using gamepad

* Own chat messages are not filtered anymore

* Own sign texts are shown when playing offline

* Cloud storage check after save and before world start to prevent potential data loss

* No more privilege pop-ups when playing offline


* Various crash fixes related to generation and projectiles

* Fixed a bug that could cause more backups than intended to be created for world saves when migrated from an older version

* Fixed a bug where creating a new world with the same name as a just deleted world would give that world the same seed as the just deleted world

* Fixed an issue that could make worlds with certain very large dungeon seeds to not be loadable

* Fixed an issue where saving of world on server and character on client could be out of sync, all saving methods should now work the same way

* Fixed an issue where a world is saved twice when using manual save, doubling the amount of save time

* Fix memory leak when opening and closing the skill dialog

* Added check for available cloud storage after save and before world start (which should prevent world wipes after all)


* God mode will now allow damage down to 1 health rather than taking no damage

* New console command "tombstone" which create tombstones

* Tombstones can now be deleted with ’forcedelete’ command

* New itemset ‘base’ and command can specify a number to override all items with that level (i.e. “itemset meadows 4” will give level 4 meadows items)

* New console commands: (tombstone - creates tombstones; resetworldkeys - Resets all world modifiers to default; setworldpreset - Sets world modifiers to a named preset; setworldmodifier - Sets a world modifier value; itemset hildir)

* Itemset command also limits items to level 4

* Fixed the saving of some stats

* Localisation updated

* Fixed Asian fonts readability in bold style

* Fixed rune-stone texts to only show rune symbols in all languages

* Made sure all text fields have the correct fonts set

* Minor text optimizations

* Fixed some missing localization updates when language is changed

* Saving icon is now displayed on low FPS as well

* Fixed some incorrect key hints

* Removed several control characters that were rendered as a box in item descriptions

* Fixed world list not being updated when the last world is removed

* Fixed selecting world with mouse not working in some cases

* Fix for refreshing favourite dedicated servers

* Added merch store button to main menu


Valheim Overview

Valheim is a captivating video game that falls under the sandbox and survival genre. It was developed by the highly respected Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. What makes this game even more enticing is the musical brilliance of composer Patrik Jarlestam, whose work adds depth to the gaming experience. All of this comes to life through the Unity game engine, which creates an immersive and visually stunning world for players to explore.

The game was initially released in early access on February 2, 2021, and was made available for Linux and Windows through the Steam platform. However, Valheim expanded its reach to the Xbox gaming community on March 14, 2023, becoming accessible on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

The origins of Valheim can be traced back to the passion project of Richard Svensson. He, along with a dedicated team of five individuals, poured their hearts and souls into transforming his spare-time endeavor into the remarkable gaming experience that Valheim has become.

The game's journey from its early access phase to its current state has been met with exceptional acclaim, earning it a reputation as a shining example of a well-polished early access title. Shortly after its initial release, Valheim quickly gained popularity and achieved remarkable milestones. Within just a month, it managed to sell over five million copies, catapulting it to the status of one of the most-played games on the Steam platform.

Valheim Gameplay

Valheim's gameplay delivers an exhilarating fusion of survival, exploration, and combat, beckoning players to channel their inner Viking spirit as they embark on a journey of crafting, battling, and ultimately conquering to achieve victory.

Begin an Epic Viking Odyssey

Defeated Vikings: Assume the roles of fallen Viking warriors on a mission to create tools, construct shelters, and engage in combat to ensure your survival.

Dynamic Third-Person Perspective: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking open-world surroundings with a dynamic third-person viewpoint that brings the stunning landscapes and challenging terrains to life.

Aesthetic Marvels and Thrilling Combat

Distinct Visual Style: Valheim's unique visual design features stylized 3D graphics with a low-resolution twist, crafting an atmospheric and visually captivating gaming realm.

Action-Inspired Combat: Confront adversaries with a combat system inspired by action games, offering an exhilarating fusion of strategy and skill.

Limitless Collaboration and Challenge

Cooperative Gameplay: Forge alliances with friends in a cooperative multiplayer mode that accommodates up to ten players, where teamwork is vital to conquer the trials of the Viking domain.

Optional PvP: For those craving extra excitement, Valheim presents optional Player vs. Player (PvP) interactions, introducing an additional layer of challenge and competition.

Survival Fundamentals

Resource Gathering and Crafting Mastery

Procedurally Generated Worlds: Craft a one-of-a-kind world from a map seed, each featuring diverse biomes like meadows, swamps, mountains, and oceans, each presenting its distinct set of challenges.

Biome-Centric Survival: Navigate through diverse biomes, each harboring unique enemies, resources, and bosses that significantly impact your survival strategy.

Resource Collection: Scavenge, hunt, mine, and cultivate to amass essential resources necessary for crafting tools, erecting shelters, and forging formidable weapons.

Consumable Food System: Keep your health and stamina in check by consuming a variety of foods that not only restore vital attributes but also provide temporary enhancements based on food quality.

Skill Progression and Boss Victories

Skill-Level Structure: Enhance your abilities through a skill-level system spanning from blocking to running, with each skill level influencing specific gameplay mechanics.

Mighty Bosses: Test your mettle by confronting six formidable bosses strategically placed in different biomes. Summon each boss by presenting specific items at their altars.

Trophies and Power-Ups: Overcome these bosses to claim unique trophies that bestow special power-ups, enhancing your capabilities. Employ these power-ups judiciously, bearing in mind their brief cooldown periods.

Diverse Arsenal and Exploration

Combat Versatility: Participate in combat using a diverse range of weapons, including one- and two-handed options, shields, bows, and spears.

Biome Exploration: Traverse the captivating world either on foot or by skillfully crafted boats, which vary from basic rafts to intricate Viking longships.

Disclaimer: The above information is for general informational purposes only. All information on the Site is provided in good faith, however we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the Site.

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