Video De Julian En La Funeraria Sin Censura


We regret to inform you that on April 9, 2023, Mexican actor and singer Julian Figueroa passed away suddenly. On Sunday night, word of the passing of Mexican artist Julian Figueroa spread across social media.

At first, it was believed that Julian Figueroa had fallen victim to online death rumors, but when Julian Figueroa’s mother announced his passing on social media, his followers were left with disbelief and shock. Eventually, the search for the singer’s demise’s reason sent everyone into a frenzy.

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Recently, it was discovered that the footage from inside the funeral home had been leaked. This column will leave you not required to scrounge web articles anymore regarding the same. Kindly stick with this page and take a peek below. Drag down the page.

Video De Julian En La Funeraria

Video De Julian En La Funeraria

Maribel Guardia and Joan Sebastian were the parents of Julian Figueroa. As previously noted, Julian Figueroa’s mother Maribel Guardia posted on Instagram, “I am sorry to have to announce the departure of my darling son Julián Figueroa.

Without any indication of violence, they discovered him already dead.I humbly ask that everyone respects our privacy and the difficult time we just had. His funeral will take place privately, surrounded by those who knew him best and loved him the most.


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