Watch Alex Bodger Original Video Full


Alex Bodger Original Video Full

Bodger, Alex Full Original VideoAlex Bodger, also known as “Gora Pakora,” a member of the social media platform TikTok, has drawn criticism for releasing a video of himself close to the scene of a fatal stabbing in Vancouver, Canada.

Numerous individuals have criticized Bodger for his narcissistic behavior and lack of sensitivity and empathy for the victim and his family.

This incident has made it clear how important it is to use social media responsibly and how important it is to show sympathy and consideration for the victims and their families.

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Alex Bodger Original Video Full

Alex Bodger Original Video Full

Alex Bodger, better known as “Gora Pakora,” a TikTok user, has drawn a lot of flak for filming himself close to the site of a fatal stabbing in Vancouver, Canada.

On March 27, 2023, a 42-year-old man was fatally stabbed outside a Starbucks coffee store, which resulted in his death. It happened way.

Since then, the video—which shows Bodger smirkingly filming himself as the police are on the scene—has gone viral and sparked indignation among social media users.

The incident has prompted a debate on how social media, especially among the younger generation, affects people’s behavior.

Numerous individuals on various social media platforms have questioned Bodger’s lack of compassion and understanding toward the victim and his family.

They have called attention to his narcissistic conduct and expressed worry about the “clout culture” that is typical of those with significant social media reach.

Bodger, who has over two million followers on TikTok, has faced backlash from his admirers who have unfollowed him and called for a boycott of his work since.

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Alex Bodger Video Viral On Internet

Alex Bodger Original Video Full

On TikTok, Bodger has more than two million fans. Additionally, due to the behavior he has demonstrated, calls have been made for legal action to be done against him.

In a statement, the Vancouver Police Department criticized Bodger’s actions, calling them “insensitive and inappropriate.” Additionally, they have asked the general people to avoid recording or taking photos at crime scenes because doing so could obstruct the investigation and upset the victim’s relatives.

Bodger has apologized for his conduct since then via his TikTok account, claiming that he got “caught up in the moment” and was not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

However, many people have condemned his apology, claiming that it was not sincere and that it fell short of their expectations.

The situation involving Alex Bodger and the video of the stabbing in Vancouver has brought up some very important questions regarding the influence of social media on the actions of individuals.

What happened to Alex Bodger

The “clout culture” that is prevalent among social media influencers is cause for concern among a number of industry experts. This culture encourages individuals to pursue attention and fame at any cost, which has prompted these experts to voice their concerns.

Narcissistic conduct, which is characterized by prioritizing one’s own needs and goals over those of others, is more likely to be displayed by persons who crave fame and attention. Bodger’s actions serve as an illustration of how this might cause someone to lack empathy and sensitivity.

The significance of using social media in an ethical manner has also been highlighted by this instance. Social media platforms can be used as a space for social activity and constructive change, but they can also be used to spread xenophobia, misinformation, and insensitivity.


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