Waven Tier List: Unveiling Heroic Rankings and Strategies


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Waven, a tactical MMORPG under the skilled hands of Ankama. Set in the aftermath of the renowned TV series and MMORPG Wakfu, Waven invites you to plunge into a realm where the relentless advance of rising waters has consumed once-thriving islands. Assume the role of a courageous seafarer, embarking on an odyssey to unveil the enigma behind this aquatic upheaval.

Seamlessly merging the allure of turn-based strategy with the thrill of adventure, Waven crafts an enthralling gameplay experience. With its unique deckbuilding mechanics, the game flourishes as a free-to-play masterpiece, accessible across an array of platforms.

Whether on PC, Mac, smartphones, or tablets, Waven captivates with its visually captivating world, beckoning players to meticulously select heroes and wield potent spells. Traverse this submerged universe teeming with challenges and treasures, carving your path as an indomitable hero.

Waven Tier List

Step into the heart of Waven's dynamic gameplay, where an eclectic assembly of characters eagerly awaits your strategic direction. The Waven Tier List acts as your guiding compass, meticulously categorizing these heroes into five tiers, each representing a distinct echelon of prowess.

Unquestionably, the S-Tier reigns supreme, showcasing characters of unparalleled might and magnetic allure. Aspiring adventurers seeking heightened thrills and intense competition will find their aspirations met by securing these pinnacle heroes.

  • S-Tier Brilliance

    • Characters in the S-Tier epitomize the zenith of power and allure.
    • Acquiring these heroes ensures an electrifying and fiercely competitive gameplay.
    • Their exceptional abilities and strengths propel players to awe-inspiring victories.
  • A-Tier Mastery

    • The A-Tier hosts characters slightly beneath the S-Tier in dominance.
    • These formidable heroes remain stalwart companions, facilitating smoother progression through challenging levels.
    • A strategic lineup of A-Tier heroes equips players with a well-rounded arsenal for success.
  • B-Tier Apprenticeship

    • The B-Tier introduces novices to the game's intricate mechanics.
    • These characters provide a nurturing environment to cultivate skills and unravel the art of spell mastery.
    • An invaluable stepping stone for those embarking on their Waven journey.
  • C-Tier Niche Ingenuity

    • While not as potent as their higher-tier counterparts, C-Tier characters possess unique strengths tailored to specific scenarios.
    • They unlock hidden potentials and unconventional strategies, proving indispensable in certain situations.
  • D-Tier Caution

    • Characters dwelling in the D-Tier offer limited utility and hold little value in advancing your heroic endeavors.
    • It's advisable to steer clear of these characters to optimize your experience and chances of success.

The Waven Tier List is your compass to navigate the vast expanse of possibilities, guiding you toward a calculated selection of heroes that resonate with your strategic ambitions.


Waven Heroes Tier List: Unveiling the Power Ranks




Lame Ourai


Gantares Des Cendres


Regulant Gurapapa


Scalpel De Lapostruker


Galive Stakatoss


Ambre Tamashi


Lamarguedon Spectral


Ecorcheur Shugen


ARC Piven




Catalysteur Pramium


Lame Voracious


Voldorak Vo




Surin Suorokan


Justelame Brutale


Baton Tonfavik




Bouvalouir Orok




Synchronisteur Tako


Gemme Dephasante


Cisaille Orishi


Pinceau Kokoro


Ken Kartana


Shiru Shaden


Aiguille Pikuxala


Flamboyante Kasai


Darde Kan

Waven Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the heart of Waven's captivating gameplay. Set against the backdrop of a world swallowed by water, you assume the role of a seafarer on a mission to uncover the truth behind the global inundation. Your decisions and hero selections are pivotal as you engage in lively turn-based combat and tactical RPG elements.

The game's visual allure and unique features beckon exploration, leading you to assemble a team of heroes equipped with potent spells. As the early access phase draws near, excitement mounts about which classes will reign supreme. Consult the meticulously crafted tier list to guide your choices and ascend the ranks in Waven's compelling universe.


Decoding the Waven Tier List: A Strategic Guide

Embarking on your journey within Waven's immersive universe requires astute decision-making when it comes to assembling your team of heroes. The Waven Tier List serves as a treasure map, guiding you through the labyrinth of characters by classifying them into distinct tiers.

In this detailed exploration, we delve deeper into the tiers, deciphering the attributes and advantages that each tier bestows upon players. From the elite S-Tier heroes to the niche advantages offered by the C-Tier, this guide equips you with the insights needed to curate a squad that thrives in the face of adversity.

Mastering the Waven Tier List: Strategies for Success

The art of victory in Waven hinges on more than just individual hero strength, it's about understanding the intricate web of synergies and tactics within your chosen tier. In this guide, we unravel the tactics that make each tier valuable, exploring which scenarios and challenges they excel in.

Learn how to strategically deploy your S-Tier powerhouses for maximum impact, uncover the hidden potential of the A-Tier for consistent success, and leverage the unique attributes of the B, C, and D-Tiers to your advantage. Elevate your gameplay by mastering the strategic nuances behind the Waven Tier List, setting sail for triumph in this captivating tactical MMORPG.

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