What Happened to Laura Leigh From Vanderpump Rules? Did Laura Leigh Really Book a Movie? Where is Laura Leigh from Vanderpump Rules Now?

What Happened to Laura Leigh From Vanderpump Rules?

Laura-Leigh's journey showcases her resilience as an actress, as she continues to explore opportunities and connect with her supporters, despite her initial departure from Vanderpump Rules.

Following her appearance on Vanderpump Rules, Laura-Leigh has continued to flourish in her acting career, capitalizing on her previous experiences prior to joining the reality show. Before her venture into reality television, she had already showcased her talents on various TV series such as Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numb3rs. Remarkably, even a decade after her tenure at SUR, Laura-Leigh remains a presence on our screens, appearing in both TV series and films like "Tooken" (2015), "Under the Silver Lake" (2018), and "Blue Bloods."

While fans have expressed hopes for her potential return to the series, fueled by kind remarks from Gillian Jacobs during an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the likelihood of her making a comeback on Vanderpump Rules appears uncertain. However, the saying "never say never" implies that possibilities are open. For now, Laura-Leigh remains active on social media, providing updates about her life and engaging with her dedicated fanbase.

Did Laura Leigh Really Book a Movie?

Laura-Leigh's departure from Vanderpump Rules during Season 1 grabbed attention due to her claim of landing a role in a major movie alongside Jennifer Aniston. However, it has been revealed that Laura-Leigh had a Hollywood connection even before her appearance on the show.

Laura-Leigh's assertion of booking a movie role with Jennifer Aniston raised curiosity about her claim, especially since it marked her exit from Vanderpump Rules. While the details of her role and the movie weren't fully disclosed, it added an air of intrigue to her departure. Despite this, it has been unveiled that Laura-Leigh already had a Hollywood connection prior to her time on the reality show, hinting that her involvement in the entertainment industry wasn't solely linked to her Vanderpump Rules exit.


Where is Laura Leigh from Vanderpump Rules now?

Following her departure from Vanderpump Rules, Laura-Leigh's journey in the entertainment industry has continued to flourish. Before her stint on the reality TV series, Laura-Leigh had already established herself as an actress, with appearances in popular TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Law & Order, and Numb3rs.

Even after her time on Vanderpump Rules, Laura-Leigh has managed to remain a standout figure. While the show has experienced a rotation of cast members, her impact has endured. The question of Laura-Leigh's current whereabouts has been a topic of interest among fans, as they seek to uncover what she's been up to since her reality TV days. Amidst her thriving career and accomplishments, Laura-Leigh has managed to carve a lasting presence in the entertainment world beyond her Vanderpump Rules journey.

Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh, whose full birth name is Laura Leigh Moser, gained recognition through her appearances in various film and TV projects. Standing at a height of 5'4" (1.63 m), she has made her mark in the entertainment industry. Laura-Leigh is notable for her roles in well-known productions such as "Under the Silver Lake" (2018), "Blue Bloods" (2010), and "We're the Millers" (2013).

Beyond her screen credits, Laura-Leigh is a multifaceted talent. Her contributions to the entertainment world have garnered attention, and her work in acting has showcased her abilities. With appearances in notable projects, she has left an impression on audiences and continues to be recognized for her roles.

Laura Leigh Net Worth 2023

Laura-Leigh, the American actress, has achieved a notable net worth of $7 million in the year 2023. Her financial success is a result of her thriving career in the entertainment industry. With her consistent work and contributions to film and television, she has accumulated substantial earnings over the years.

Her profession as an actress has allowed her to earn a substantial monthly income and salary, estimated to be around $40,000 or more. On an annual basis, her earnings are projected to surpass half a million dollars, reaching an impressive $0.5 million or more. This financial achievement reflects her dedication to her craft and the recognition she has garnered in the entertainment world.

Laura Leigh Gossip Girl

Laura-Leigh, the talented actress who gained recognition from her appearance on Vanderpump Rules, had already established herself in the world of entertainment prior to her reality television stint. Before immersing herself in the reality TV realm, Laura-Leigh, a graduate of Juilliard, had showcased her acting skills on various TV series, including the popular show Gossip Girl. Her appearances on Gossip Girl allowed her to demonstrate her acting prowess and build a foundation for her career.

During her time on Gossip Girl, Laura-Leigh's performances were appreciated by viewers, contributing to her growing reputation in the acting industry. Despite her departure from Vanderpump Rules and the reality TV scene, Laura-Leigh has continued to make occasional appearances on both TV series and films. Her involvement in various projects, such as the 2015 movie Tooken, the 2018 film Under the Silver Lake, and the TV series Blue Bloods, highlights her commitment to her craft and her desire to stay engaged with her audience.

While her return to Vanderpump Rules remains uncertain, Laura-Leigh's journey in the world of entertainment has been marked by her dedication and persistence. Her interactions with fans on social media provide a glimpse into her ongoing endeavors and keep her supporters updated on her life beyond the screen.

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