What Happened To Sydney Wilson? Who Was Arrested in Connection To The Fatal Shooting Of An Albuquerque Woman?

What Happened To Sydney Wilson?

Tragic events unfolded on Monday, July 31, 2023, when 23-year-old Sydney Wilson was fatally shot by a 13-year-old, Marcos Barela. The incident occurred as Wilson confronted a group of thieves who had allegedly stolen her car. Barela, the suspect, turned himself in for the crime, leaving Wilson's family devastated and seeking justice.

Following the incident, on August 2, 2023, Barela was charged with an open count of murder, tampering with evidence, and unlawful possession of a handgun by a person. He has been placed in the Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center since Wednesday.

According to law enforcement officials, Sydney Wilson was pronounced dead at the scene. Her grieving mother, Diedra Wilson, described her as a kind and sweet woman, further highlighting the tragedy of her loss.

The shooting occurred shortly before 9 pm local time at the Smith's gas station near Central Ave. and Coors Blvd. S.W. Sydney Wilson was present at the location to confront the group of thieves who had stolen Hyundai. Witnesses informed the authorities that she was trying to track her stolen car using her cell phone's GPS, which had been taken by the thieves about three days prior to the fatal incident.

As Wilson attempted to apprehend the thieves at the gas station, she encountered a group of teenagers inside her stolen car. They had reportedly stopped at the gas station after picking up alcohol from a Walgreens in Southwest Albuquerque.

When Wilson approached the teenagers, the driver of the stolen car made an attempt to flee, resulting in a collision with a black Mustang and the curb. At this point, the teenagers, including Marcos Barela, fled the scene.

Tragically, as Wilson approached her stolen Hyundai, Barela pulled out a gun and shot her. Detectives arrived promptly but declared her dead at the scene. The minor, Marcos Barela, surrendered himself, and he is currently facing multiple charges related to the incident. The case has left the community shaken, raising concerns about the involvement of young individuals in violent crimes.

Who Was Arrested in Connection To The Fatal Shooting Of An Albuquerque Woman?

The family of 23-year-old Sydney Wilson is seeking justice after a heartbreaking tragedy unfolded on July 31. Authorities reported that Wilson was fatally shot by a 13-year-old boy, Marcos Barela, in Albuquerque. The incident occurred when Wilson approached Barela, believing he was involved in the theft of her vehicle.

"It's tearing me apart, but we'll find a way to cope. Crystal, my daughter, called me and said Sydney had been shot. I didn't know what to do, so I reached out to my sisters for help because Sydney had my car," expressed Deidra Wilson, Sydney's mother, with immense grief.

The unfortunate incident took place at the Smith's gas station in Southwest Albuquerque, where the police responded to a shooting related to a car theft. Tragically, Wilson was pronounced dead at the scene after Barela shot and killed her.

Barela, however, surrendered to authorities on August 2 and is currently being held at the Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Center. The shocking and senseless act has left the community shaken. "My heart aches for her. Sydney was one of the most gentle and kind-hearted individuals I knew," said Deidra Wilson, fondly remembering her daughter.

Crystal Miller, Sydney's sister, is overwhelmed with guilt, saying, "I'm filled with regret and sorrow that I couldn't be there in time to prevent this tragedy. I was just seven minutes away, and if only I had arrived earlier, maybe things would have turned out differently."

Sydney's mother acknowledged her daughter's strong-willed nature and revealed that she had warned her against confronting the suspects. "I repeatedly told her not to take matters into her own hands, but Sydney had a nurturing spirit. She felt she could handle the situation because she had experience with kids," Deidra Wilson shared, recounting the heartache of the loss.

The family's grief and anguish underscore the devastating impact of such incidents on loved ones left behind. The community mourns the loss of a bright and caring young soul and stands united in seeking justice for Sydney Wilson.


How Do Family And Friends Remember Sydney Wilson?

During a moving tribute to Sydney Wilson, one of her childhood friends urged everyone to embrace her kindness and strive to create a world she would cherish. Friends and family gathered to share stories of Wilson's life and lament the untimely loss, discussing the plans they had for her 24th birthday while expressing their frustration over the escalating issue of teen gun violence responsible for Wilson's tragic demise.

Wilson's aunt passionately emphasized the urgent need for change, urging society to reach out and support troubled teenagers, ensuring they find solace within the community. "That's what she wants. That's what she wanted us to do. That's what she wanted to be," her aunt affirmed with determination.

The devastating incident occurred when Wilson attempted to reclaim her stolen car at a gas station near Central and Coors. Tragically, a 13-year-old, Marcos Barela, brandished a gun and shot her, leading to her untimely passing.

During the virtual hearing at Children's Court, Judge William Parnall expressed deep concern over the disturbing trend of teen gun violence. "Young people with guns shooting each other or shooting innocent people not involved in any criminal activity is an extremely serious and alarming issue," the judge remarked.

Addressing the escalating crisis, Albuquerque Police Department's Chief Harold Medina acknowledged the challenges in enforcing laws on armed 13-year-olds. He shared the difficulties faced by law enforcement in handling such cases.

Earlier this year, state lawmakers passed "Bennie's Law" to impose stricter penalties on adults whose improperly stored firearms are negligently used by children. However, experts believe that access to firearms is only one aspect of the complex problem. Advocates and Chief Medina stressed the importance of teaching teenagers conflict resolution skills and coping mechanisms for various life challenges.

Chief Medina highlighted the Violence Intervention Program at West Mesa High School, which aims to divert teens away from violence proactively. Considering its potential impact, he proposed expanding the program to middle schools as part of their efforts to address the root causes of teen gun violence. As the community mourns the loss of Sydney Wilson, they come together determined to honor her memory by working towards a safer future for young individuals.

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