What Happened To Tiktoker Rubee Lana? Rubee Lana Tiktoker

What Happened To Tiktoker Rubee Lana?

Commencing her 1 hour and 41 minutes YouTube video, she embarked on a candid confession prompted by what she believed to be a divine calling. In a candid revelation, the TikToker disclosed her impending departure from all social media platforms permanently, seven days after the video's release.

Rubee Lana recounted a peculiar encounter on TikTok, where an apostle reached out with a divine message, beckoning her to a significant Zoom call. Anticipating a weighty revelation from God, she delved into the events of the past few months.

According to her account, the apostle conveyed a deadline for her to detach from social media, an idea initially met with resistance. The apostle insisted that she leave her existing ministry and join "Free Him Now," the ministry she operates alongside her husband, apostle Berthold. Her narrative unfolded, recounting pivotal moments shaped by apostolic instructions relocations from California to Chicago and subsequently to Florida.

These shifts brought about familial discord, given her sole reliance on social media for income. She recounted a noteworthy encounter with a Christian man who communicated in various tongues.

Returning home after following the man's instructions, she received a message from Berthold, chastising her for a perceived transgression against God and the Free Him Now ministry. This journey of revelations and decisions, detailed in the video, underscores her spiritual and personal transformation, marking a significant turning point in her life.

Rubee Lana Tiktoker News

In a captivating YouTube video spanning over two hours, Rubee unraveled the intricate reasons behind her departure from the realm of social media. Detailing her journey, she recounted a peculiar encounter that unfolded on TikTok, an apostle, claiming divine communication, beckoned her to a transformative Zoom rendezvous. This apostle, carrying a divine message, revealed a critical decree from God: a deadline for Rubee to part ways with her digital presence, an edict that initially unsettled her.

Guided by the apostle's directives, Rubee's path led her to the realm of "Free Him Now," a ministry co-led by her partner, apostle Berthold. As she unveiled in her video, this wasn't the first instance of divine guidance she had followed. Prior encounters with these apostolic insights had prompted her to relocate from California to Chicago and subsequently to Florida.

Amidst the unfolding narrative, Rubee disclosed a pivotal detail: her present livelihood hinges entirely on social media, a facet she plans to relinquish by August 14th. Additionally, she recounted a curious encounter with a man who communicated through tongues, a phenomenon that led her on a journey home.

Upon returning, she received a message from Berthold, revealing her perceived "grievous act" and the subsequent necessity to embark on a three-day fast and submit to a form of submission, or face expulsion from Free Him Now.

Her internal struggle extended to familial relations, with disputes erupting between Rubee and her parents over her choices. Apostolic voice Adilia chimed in with a comment that hinted at Rubee's need to detach from her current environment to forge a deeper connection with God.

As the video resonated across the TikTok community, diverse reactions emerged. Some expressed skepticism, contending that God's love doesn't require such actions, while others shared concerns for Rubee's well-being. Amidst this uncertainty, many revisited her past TikTok content, yearning for signs of her safety. Rubee's journey unfolded within the framework of her video, showcasing her deep exploration of faith, apostolic guidance, and the challenging decisions that lie ahead.


What Are Fans Concerned About Following The Announcement Regarding Rubee?

Amidst Rubee's unwavering trust in the apostles, a chorus of voices emerges in the comments section, both beneath her video and within the TikTok community, voicing skepticism and genuine concern about her wellbeing.

One commenter, professing a staunch Christian belief in following God's guidance, expressed profound unease from the video's inception. The individual candidly shared that a disconcerting aura lingered, inducing an inexplicable sense of tension. They opined that what Rubee experienced might not have been a divine revelation, suggesting an undercurrent of unsettling dynamics.

On TikTok, an observant user drew attention to the video's uncanny editing resemblance to the apostles' style, hinting at the notion that Rubee might have sought their counsel before publishing it. Amidst the uncertainty, a pivotal question hovers. Apprehensions are palpable, with the possibility that the apostles she holds faith in might be inadvertently leading her astray.

Within this context, familial discord unfolds as Rubee's revelation of social media as her primary income source ignited an argument with her family. Further revelations surface, recounting her encounter with a Christian man who communicated in tongues.

Following her return home, a transformative message from Berthold delivered grave news—Rubee's actions were deemed a "grievous act" against God and the Free Him Now ministry. A trajectory of expulsion loomed, only to be mitigated by a resolution: a submission form and a three-day fast as prerequisites for reentry.

Amidst the intricacies of her journey, Rubee recounted receiving a submission form, one that she described as a binding pact with spiritual implications. Through this intricate web of events, Rubee's narrative offers a window into her evolving faith journey, revealing the intersections of trust, doubt, and the pursuit of divine purpose.

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