When is Madfut 24 Coming Out? Will Madfut 24 Be Released?

When is Madfut 24 Coming Out? 

As of now, there is no official confirmation or announcement regarding the release of "Madfut 24." The speculation around the game's existence arises from the news that FIFA and EA Sports are parting ways, which means there might not be a FIFA 24 game. However, the decision ultimately lies with the developers of Madfut, and they might choose to continue with the original branding and adapt to the changes brought about by the separation.

Alternatively, they could rebrand the game entirely, but it seems more likely that they would stay true to their current format to maintain consistency and benefit from their existing user base. Until an official statement is made, the status of "Madfut 24" remains uncertain.

Will Madfut 24 Be Released?

There is no official confirmation regarding the release of "Madfut 24." The speculation about its release stems from the news that FIFA and EA Sports are parting ways, potentially impacting the traditional FIFA 24 game. However, the fate of "Madfut 24" depends entirely on the developers of the game, and they have not made any announcements regarding its release.

It is possible that the developers may choose to continue with the current branding and adapt their game to the changes in the football gaming landscape. They may follow the path of the new football game, EA Sports' "Sports FC," and incorporate relevant features like player cards, squad-building challenges (SBCs), and packs. On the other hand, they may decide to rebrand entirely, depending on their strategy and vision for the future.

Until an official statement is made by the developers of Madfut, any information about "Madfut 24" remains speculative. Fans and players of the game will need to wait for an official announcement to know if and when the next installment will be released.


Madfut 24

Madfut 24 does not currently exist, and the latest version available is Madfut 23, launched in October 2022. The developers have not made any official announcements about the release of Madfut 24, leaving its existence uncertain. Madfut is a football card trading game accessible on Android and iOS devices.

It offers players the opportunity to collect cards featuring real-life footballers, engage in card trading with other players, and assemble their dream football team. The game has garnered significant popularity, surpassing 10 million downloads. If a Madfut 24 is eventually introduced, it is expected to retain the fundamental gameplay elements seen in Madfut 23.

However, the new installment may bring forth novel features, like introducing new card types or innovative trading mechanics. Additionally, there is a possibility that the game might extend its availability to new platforms, such as PC or gaming consoles.

As of now, the release of Madfut 24 remains uncertain, and fans eagerly await any official updates from the developers. Should it come to fruition, Madfut 24 is likely to captivate football enthusiasts and continue the game's legacy of being a beloved choice among gaming aficionados.

Madfut 23

Madfut 23 is a captivating football card trading game created by Madfut LLC. Launched on October 17, 2022, the game is accessible on both Android and iOS devices, offering football enthusiasts an immersive gaming experience. With Madfut 23, players have the opportunity to collect cards featuring real-life footballers, engage in trades with other players, and curate their ultimate dream team.

The game encompasses several exciting game modes that add depth and enjoyment to the gameplay:

In this mode, players are randomly assigned a team of cards and must compete in a knockout tournament against other players to demonstrate their strategic skills and card selection.

Players can assemble their team of cards and participate in a series of thrilling matches against other players, aiming to secure victory and climb up the rankings.

  • Squad Building Challenges (SBCs):

This mode presents players with various challenges that they must complete to earn rewards like new cards or packs. SBCs test players' ingenuity and resourcefulness in fulfilling the given objectives.

Madfut 23 allows players to engage in card trading with other players, facilitating the acquisition of specific cards needed to optimize their dream team.

The game operates on a free-to-play model, enabling users to enjoy its core features without any upfront cost. However, in-app purchases are available, allowing players to buy packs of cards, which enhances their chances of obtaining rare and sought-after cards.

Since its release, Madfut 23 has garnered tremendous popularity, amassing over 10 million downloads and receiving positive feedback from critics. The game's visual aesthetics, engaging gameplay, and diverse range of game modes have earned praise from players worldwide. Madfut 23 has become a go-to choice for football gaming enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the world of football card trading and team-building challenges.

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