Where are the Fat Gypsy Weddings cast today? Danielle And Brendan Gypsy Wedding

Where Are The Fat Gypsy Weddings Cast Today?

The cast members of "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings" have experienced a variety of life events and changes since their appearances on the show. Here's an overview of what some of them have been up to:

Paddy Doherty

Paddy Doherty, a well-known cast member and winner of "Celebrity Big Brother," has faced numerous challenges. He's been married to Roseanne for many years, and they are still together as of 2023. Paddy has 10 children, with his three sons gaining attention. Unfortunately, he experienced family tragedies, including the passing of his son Patrick in 1996. His second son, David, faced legal issues, while his third son, Simey, was attacked in 2020. Paddy also battled prostate cancer, survived severe symptoms of COVID-19, and coped with personal losses.

John McFadyen and Cheyenne Pidgley

John and Cheyenne, a memorable couple from the show, are still together and have two daughters. John started a business and pursued his passion for bodybuilding. Cheyenne maintains a private Instagram profile, and while little is known about their private life, they continue to be a strong pair.

Bill and Joe Smith

Tragically, the twin brothers Bill and Joe Smith, who appeared on the show as landscapers, ended their lives in a double suicide in 2019. Joe had battled cancer, and the brothers had a deep bond that led to their heartbreaking decision.

Chantelle Kielly and Jim

Chantelle faced criticism for marrying her first cousin, Jim, in a high-profile wedding. Despite the controversy, there's little information available about their current lives. However, it's suggested that they are still happily married.

Danielle Maughan and Brendan Joyce

Danielle and Brendan, who married shortly after Danielle turned 16, have defied skepticism and are still married. They have two children and continue to lead a happy life together.

Sam Norton and Pat Lee

Sam and Pat's marriage did not last, and they divorced for reasons unknown. Sam remarried, and while Pat's social media presence is minimal, they co-parent their son.

Patrick Ward and Joan Furey

Joan, known for her extravagant dress and wedding, divorced Patrick due to his unreasonable behavior. Joan moved on from the relationship and experienced a personal transformation.

Josie McFadyen and Swanley Smith

Josie and Swanley's relationship had its challenges, and they divorced in 2012. Josie's life took a turbulent turn when she faced legal issues and engaged in altercations. She later found a new boyfriend and welcomed a child.

Ina and Michael

Ina and Michael, who married young, are still happily married and have two children as of 2023.

Noreen and Tony

Noreen, the independent-minded cast member, transitioned from cake design to owning a hair salon. She married Tony in 2018, and they welcomed a daughter in 2019.

Thelma Madine and Leanne Alexandra

Thelma Madine, the wedding dressmaker, engaged in a legal battle with her former head designer, Leanne Phillips. Thelma's life post-show included legal disputes, mental health challenges, and the opening of a cafe. Leanne continued her career and faced legal issues related to design theft.

Overall, the cast members of "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings" have faced a range of personal experiences, successes, and challenges since their appearances on the show.

Danielle And Brendan Gypsy Wedding

In a spectacle that echoed the extravagance of a "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," the spotlight shone on the union of Danielle Maughan and Brendan Joyce. Holding the title of Britain's youngest Gypsy bride, Danielle's wedding was a lavish affair that commanded a staggering cost of £50,000. The event drew curiosity and anticipation, as hundreds of enthusiasts of the Channel Four program "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" gathered along the streets, eager to catch a glimpse of the bride.

Danielle, who had already made appearances on the popular television show, exchanged vows with 21-year-old Brendan Joyce just a day after she turned 16. The grandeur of the event was unmistakable from the moment Danielle arrived at the Our Lady Of Walsingham Catholic church in Corby, Northamptonshire. Surrounded by a swarm of onlookers, her limousine was enveloped in excitement. As expected, the wedding was an extravagant affair that did not disappoint those hoping for a traditional Gypsy celebration. Danielle donned a voluminous white dress that spanned an impressive six feet in width. Layers upon layers of netting underneath the skirt gave it an attention-commanding presence, particularly around her hips.

Danielle's bridal ensemble was nothing short of opulent. Her heavily embellished corset sparkled with crystals and glittering butterflies, while her elaborate tiara adorned her head. Her hair was meticulously styled into brunette ringlets, and her sun-kissed complexion radiated against her deep brown tan. The bridal party was also a sight to behold, with bridesmaids dressed in voluminous purple gowns reminiscent of Disney princesses. Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at The Open Hearth pub, with a reception described as "raucous." For the festivities, Danielle exchanged her wedding gown for a lace tutu that revealed her tanned midriff, coupled with a crystal-studded, bow-trimmed corset.While the young couple exuded happiness and positivity, challenges loomed on the horizon. The Daily Star reported that Brendan Joyce, Danielle's new husband, was facing potential legal troubles, having been accused of handling stolen goods. This unexpected turn of events could potentially disrupt their newlywed bliss.

In her statements, Danielle expressed her excitement and happiness about marrying Brendan, citing his pleasing personality and good looks as factors contributing to her joy. However, she also acknowledged the reality that married life for Gypsy girls involves significant responsibilities, often involving chores and housework. Despite the glamour of the wedding, Danielle recognized the transition from her mother's care to her husband's.The wedding festivities were set to be documented in an episode of "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding."The union of Danielle and Brendan showcased the lavishness, tradition, and challenges that marked their journey into married life, leaving an impression that mirrored the extravagance of the show itself.


Danielle And Brendan Gypsy Now

Brendan and Danielle got married when she was just 16 years old, which is the youngest age to marry in the UK. Many people thought they were too young to decide and that maybe someone forced them. Their wedding was very expensive, and Danielle wore a very big dress that she couldn't afford at her age. But they proved everyone wrong! They are still married and have two kids now. Even though they got married when she was 16, they are very happy together and show that their love is strong. Danielle is a beautiful and real Traveller wife, and their story is inspiring.

The Big  Fat Gypsy Weddings

"Big Fat Gypsy Weddings" was a British documentary series that provided a unique and often controversial look into the lives and customs of British Traveller and Romani families. Premiering in February 2010 as a one-off documentary titled "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding," the series later expanded to include a full season of five episodes in January 2011. The show's focus on the elaborate and extravagant wedding celebrations within these communities drew a mix of fascination and critique.

The series' popularity led to a second season that aired in February 2012, but it also faced criticism from some members of the Romani community who felt that the show did not accurately represent their way of life and traditions. Despite the criticisms, "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings" continued to captivate audiences with its portrayal of the opulent dresses, ornate ceremonies, and intricate customs that were central to these weddings.

Rather than continuing with a conventional third season, the show concluded its run with eleven stand-alone specials. These specials provided further insight into the lives of the British Traveller and Romani communities, exploring various aspects of their culture beyond just wedding celebrations. Despite the controversy surrounding its portrayal of the communities, the series succeeded in shedding light on a unique and often misunderstood way of life.

Beyond its original broadcast in the United Kingdom, the show's influence extended to North America, where it aired on TLC under the title "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding." This adaptation featured new narration by Ellen K., and the network also introduced a spin-off titled "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding," which turned the spotlight on the wedding traditions of American Roma.

In summary, "Big Fat Gypsy Weddings" was a British documentary series that left a lasting impact by showcasing the elaborate wedding celebrations and cultural practices of British Traveller and Romani communities. Despite its divisive reception, the series succeeded in sparking conversations and raising awareness about these often marginalized communities' unique way of life.





Created by

Jenny Popplewell

Directed by

Sam Emmery, Morag Tinto, Jenny Popplewell, Oscar Humphreys


Paddy Doherty

Narrated by

Barbara Flynn


Ian Livingstone

Country of origin

United Kingdom

Original language


No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Executive producer

Jes Wilkins

Production location

United Kingdom/Ireland


George Taylor

Running time

49 minutes

Production company

Firecracker Films

Original network

Channel 4

Original release

18 February 2010 – 6 April 2015

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