Where To Watch Cobweb? Is Cobweb Based On Coraline? Is Cobweb Streaming On Netflix Or Amazon Prime?

Where To Watch Cobweb?

"Cobweb" is a horror thriller film that premiered in theaters on July 21, 2023. Currently, it is not available for streaming on any platform, as the movie's distribution strategy focuses on theatrical release. However, there are expectations that the film might become accessible for online viewing on Starz later in the year.

Directed by Samuel Bodin and featuring a cast including Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr, Cleopatra Coleman, and Woody Norman, "Cobweb" is set in the year 1955, revolving around a young woman's experiences after moving into a haunted house with her family.

After its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 10, 2023, followed by the theatrical release, the film garnered a mix of reviews from critics. While Lizzy Caplan's performance and Samuel Bodin's direction were commended, some critics pointed out the film's sluggish pacing and lack of suspense.

Once the movie's cinematic run concludes, it's anticipated that "Cobweb" will be accessible for streaming on Starz, a premium cable and streaming service. This will provide Starz subscribers with the opportunity to enjoy the film on-demand through the Starz platform.

While there is no official announcement yet, there's a possibility that "Cobweb" might eventually become available on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Keep an eye on this page for any forthcoming updates regarding the film's availability for online viewing.

Is Cobweb Based On Coraline?

While "Cobweb" and "Coraline" share some resemblances, it's important to note that "Cobweb" is not directly based on "Coraline." Both films depict young children relocating to new homes and stumbling upon enigmatic realms concealed behind secret doors. In "Coraline," this hidden world offers an idealized reality, while in "Cobweb," it takes the form of a haunted house.

Another common element is the presence of a character seeking to safeguard the child from the perils of the mysterious realm. In "Coraline," this role is fulfilled by Coraline's other mother, whereas in "Cobweb," it's the child's grandmother who plays this protective part.

Despite these shared themes, "Cobweb" stands apart from "Coraline" as it possesses distinct plots, characters, and settings. Moreover, "Cobweb" gravitates towards the horror genre, whereas "Coraline" delves into fantasy.

It's essential to acknowledge that "Coraline" isn't the sole film that has drawn comparisons to "Cobweb." The filmmakers have not officially confirmed any direct influences from particular films or sources. Pending clear confirmation from the creators, the question of whether "Cobweb" draws from "Coraline" or other movies remains uncertain. While it's plausible that "Cobweb" may have drawn inspiration from "Coraline," the film ultimately maintains its individuality and uniqueness.


Is Cobweb Streaming On Netflix Or Amazon Prime?

At present, "Cobweb" is not accessible for streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Having premiered in theaters on July 21, 2023, the movie has yet to be introduced to any streaming platform. However, there's a possibility that it will eventually become available on Starz before the year's end. For potential viewing options, consider checking digital platforms such as Vudu, Apple, YouTube, and Amazon, which might offer the movie for rent or purchase.

"Cobweb" unfolds as a horror thriller, centered around an eight-year-old boy named Peter. Perturbed by tapping noises within his bedroom wall, Peter becomes suspicious that his parents harbor a sinister secret, prompting him to embark on an investigation. The film boasts a cast including Woody Norman, Lizzy Caplan, and Antony Starr. Reviews from critics and audiences vary, with some lauding its gripping atmosphere and suspense, while others critique aspects of its plot and characters.

If you possess a penchant for horror movies, "Cobweb" presents an option for theater viewing or online streaming once accessible. It's important to exercise caution regarding claims of free online streaming, as they may involve illegal and potentially harmful sources. To ensure a secure and legal viewing experience, it's advisable to watch the movie via official and reputable platforms.


Released in 2023, "Cobweb" is a horror film directed by Samuel Bodin. The storyline revolves around a family's relocation to a suburban residence, aiming for a fresh start. However, their hopes are quickly shattered as they uncover the haunting presence of sinister forces that threaten their unity.

The cast of "Cobweb" features notable names including Lizzy Caplan, Antony Starr, Cleopatra Coleman, Woody Norman, and more. The movie has garnered attention as a horror thriller, drawing inspiration from iconic classics like "Poltergeist," "The Exorcist," and "The Shining."

At the heart of "Cobweb" lies the family's relentless pursuit to unveil the mysteries lurking within their new abode. Their struggle intensifies as they grapple with the malevolent entities dwelling within the house. As the layers of the enigma are peeled back, they come to realize the dwelling's dark and violent history, leaving them entangled in its clutches.

Although speculation has arisen regarding any potential ties between "Cobweb" and "Coraline," there exists no official confirmation or information substantiating a direct connection between the two films.

In essence, "Cobweb" offers a suspenseful and gripping horror experience, injecting a fresh perspective into the classic haunted house motif. With a skilled ensemble cast and adept direction, the film is poised to resonate with enthusiasts of the genre.

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