Who are Neal Mcdonough Parents? Meet Frank McDonough and Catherine McDonough

Who are Neal Mcdonough's Parents?

So who are Neal Mcdonough's Parents? According to our research, Neal Mcdonough's Parents are Frank McDonough and Catherine McDonough. Neal Mcdonough is an American actor born on 13 February 1966.

Real Name

Neal McDonough

Nick Name

Neal Mcdonough 

Date of birth

13 February 1966


33 Years Old


6 feet (183 cm)


75 kg (165 lbs)

Birth place

Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States




American actor





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Syracuse University (BFA)

Zodiac Sign



Frank McDonough And Catherine McDonough

Sexual Orientation


Kids/Children Name

Morgan Patrick McDonough, James Hamilton McDonough, Catherine Maggie McDonough


Ruve McDonough (m. 2003)

Who is Neal Mcdonough?

Neal McDonough, born on February 13, 1966, is an esteemed American actor known for his versatile and captivating performances across various film and television projects. With a career spanning over several decades, he has earned a reputation as a skilled actor with a diverse range of roles under his belt.

Hailing from Dorchester, Massachusetts, McDonough began his acting journey in the mid-1990s and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent and striking presence on screen. He possesses a unique ability to portray characters with depth and complexity, captivating audiences with his intense performances.

Throughout his career, McDonough has showcased his prowess in both mainstream blockbuster films and acclaimed independent productions. His memorable performances in movies such as "Band of Brothers," "Minority Report," "Captain America: The First Avenger," and "Red 2" have solidified his status as a sought-after actor in Hollywood.

Aside from his film work, McDonough's presence in television has been equally impactful. His role as Dave Williams in the hit television series "Desperate Housewives" and the enigmatic Damien Darhk in "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow" further demonstrated his versatility as an actor.

Beyond his remarkable acting skills, McDonough is also renowned for his professionalism and dedication to his craft. He has garnered admiration from colleagues and fans alike for his commitment to bringing authenticity and emotional depth to every character he portrays.

Furthermore, Neal McDonough's personal life reflects his commitment to his values, as he is known for maintaining a strong moral compass and refusing to perform explicit scenes that go against his religious beliefs. Neal McDonough is an exemplary American actor who has consistently delivered exceptional performances throughout his illustrious career.

His ability to breathe life into diverse characters, combined with his unwavering dedication to his craft, has solidified his position as a true gem in the entertainment industry. As he continues to take on new roles and challenge himself, audiences eagerly await to witness the continued brilliance of this talented actor.



Neal Mcdonough Biography

Neal McDonough was born in the charming town of Dorchester, Massachusetts, on February 13, 1966, he's an American actor who has left an indelible mark on both the big and small screens. One of his standout roles was as Lieutenant Lynn "Buck" Compton in the captivating HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers." His portrayal of this heroic character truly captured the essence of bravery and sacrifice, leaving audiences in awe.

But that's not all! McDonough's talent knows no bounds. He also wowed viewers as Deputy District Attorney David McNorris in the thrilling series "Boomtown." With his compelling performances, he effortlessly drew us into the world of law and order, keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Now, get ready for some sci-fi excitement! McDonough took on the role of Tin Man in the mind-blowing Sci Fi Channel miniseries aptly named "Tin Man." Playing a character with such an intriguing name must have been an absolute blast!

But wait, there's more! Neal McDonough's charm and acting chops landed him a main cast role as Dave Williams in the sensational Season 5 of "Desperate Housewives." His presence added a whole new dimension to the show, leaving fans enamored and wanting more.

In a career filled with diverse roles and memorable performances, Neal McDonough continues to captivate audiences with his sheer talent and dedication to his craft. It's no wonder fans and fellow actors alike can't get enough of this remarkable man. So, next time you spot him on screen, prepare to be enthralled by the magic of Neal McDonough!

Neal Mcdonough Age

Neal McDonough, born on February 13, 1966, in the vibrant city of Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States, is shining brightly at the age of 57 in 2023! With each passing year, he continues to defy age and radiate an optimistic aura that infectiously uplifts those around him.

This talented American actor has gracefully embraced the passage of time, proving that age is merely a number when it comes to passion and talent. As he embarks on new and exciting projects, McDonough's infectious enthusiasm and dedication to his craft remain unwavering.

In 2023, Neal McDonough's age only adds to his depth and experience, making him a cherished figure in the entertainment industry. As he continues to grace the screen with his magnetic presence, fans and colleagues alike eagerly anticipate the many more years of brilliance and joy that this timeless actor has in store for us.

Neal Mcdonough Height and Weight

Neal McDonough, the talented American actor, stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet (183 cm). This commanding stature complements his on-screen presence, allowing him to embody characters with a powerful and charismatic aura. With a weight of 75 kg (165 lbs), McDonough maintains a well-balanced and healthy physique. His commitment to physical fitness and overall well-being is evident, as he consistently maintains a weight that suits his tall frame.

Being 6 feet tall and weighing 75 kg not only adds to his striking appearance but also enhances his versatility as an actor. This combination of height and weight allows him to effortlessly adapt to various roles, whether portraying action-packed characters or more emotionally driven personalities.

As Neal McDonough continues to grace the entertainment industry with his exceptional talent, his physical attributes play a significant role in establishing him as a formidable presence on both the big and small screens. His impressive height and weight contribute to his allure as an actor, making him a captivating and dynamic performer admired by audiences around the globe.


Neal Mcdonough Nationality

Neal McDonough is an American actor, proudly representing the United States as his nationality. Born on February 13, 1966, in Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, he has spent his life immersed in American culture and entertainment. With his captivating performances on both television and the silver screen, McDonough has become a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry.

As an American actor, he has successfully portrayed a wide range of characters, showcasing his versatility and talent. From his early appearances in TV shows to his breakthrough roles in major Hollywood productions, McDonough's career has been deeply rooted in the American entertainment landscape.

Neal Mcdonough Career

Neal McDonough's career in the entertainment industry is nothing short of remarkable. With a passion for acting and a dedication to his craft, he has carved a niche for himself as a versatile and talented performer. McDonough's journey began in the mid-1990s when he made his mark in various television series, earning recognition and critical acclaim for his roles. However, it was his portrayal of Lieutenant Lynn "Buck" Compton in the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers" that catapulted him to widespread fame and acclaim.

From there, his career soared, and he secured roles in major films such as "Minority Report," "Captain America: The First Avenger," and "Red 2." His performances were consistently praised for their depth and authenticity, earning him a dedicated fan base and respect from industry peers.

In addition to his film work, McDonough's contributions to television have been equally significant. He charmed audiences with his role as Dave Williams in Season 5 of "Desperate Housewives" and portrayed the enigmatic Damien Darhk in DC Comics-based series "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow."

Throughout his career, McDonough's unwavering commitment to his craft and his ability to bring depth to every character he portrays have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the entertainment world. As he continues to captivate audiences with his talent, Neal McDonough's career remains an inspiring example of dedication, passion, and the pursuit of excellence in the art of acting.


Neal Mcdonough Achievement and Awards

Awards and Nominations for Neal McDonough:

  1. 1999 Atlantic City Film Festival

    • Award Category: Best Actor (Jury Award)
    • Title of Work: A Perfect Little Man
    • Result: Won
  2. 2003 Online Film & Television Association Award

    • Award Category: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
    • Title of Work: Boomtown
    • Result: Nominated
  3. 2003 Television Critics Association Award

    • Award Category: Individual Achievement in Drama
    • Title of Work: Boomtown
  4. 2003 Satellite Award

    • Award Category: Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series – Drama
    • Title of Work: Boomtown
    • Result: Won
  5. 2008 Screen Actors Guild Award

    • Award Category: Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series
    • Title of Work: Desperate Housewives
    • Result: Nominated
  6. 2012 Critics' Choice Television Award

    • Award Category: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
    • Title of Work: Justified
  7. 2012 Satellite Award

    • Award Category: Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
    • Title of Work: Justified
    • Result: Won

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