Who is Jackie 'O' Henderson Boyfriend? Know About the Iconic Radio Presenter's New Love Interest!

Who is Jackie 'O' Henderson?

Jackie 'O' Henderson, whose real name is Jacqueline Ellen Last, is a prominent Australian radio and television presenter. Over the years, she has hosted various successful shows, including "The Hot Hits Live from LA," "Hot30 Countdown," "Take 40 Australia," and two series of "Australian Princess." However, her most notable and celebrated role is co-hosting "The Kyle and Jackie O Show," a highly popular radio program.

Jackie 'O' is widely admired for her captivating personality, quick wit, and engaging hosting style, which have earned her a massive and dedicated following in the media industry. Throughout her career, Jackie 'O' Henderson has become a beloved media personality in Australia, known for her relatability and charm. Her entertaining presence on the airwaves and TV screens has solidified her position as one of the country's favorite hosts.


Who is Jackie 'O' Henderson's Boyfriend?

Jackie 'O' Henderson is currently in a relationship with Jack Tyerman, a charismatic and accomplished individual who excels both in the modeling and construction industries. At 29 years old, Jack has made a name for himself as a hunky male model, represented by the prestigious IMG Models agency. Standing tall at 6'1", Jack has graced the campaigns of renowned fashion brands like Nautica, The Academy Brand, Stonemen, Bonds, and M.J. Bale. His impressive work has been featured in prominent publications such as Grazia, British GQ, and GQ Australia.

Beyond his modeling career, Jack Tyerman is also a skilled construction foreman, having worked with Verdecon, a company known for its environmentally responsible approach. With a strong passion for sports, fitness, and cooking, Jack's engaging social media presence has played a vital role in his modeling success. Jackie 'O' Henderson and Jack Tyerman's connection goes beyond their romantic involvement, as they share similar interests in fitness and have a mutual acquaintance on Instagram.


Jackie 'O' Henderson Age

At 48 years old, Jackie 'O' Henderson continues to mesmerize audiences with her vibrant and magnetic presence in the media industry. As an experienced radio and television presenter, she has solidified her position as a cherished and admired personality, captivating the hearts of countless people throughout Australia. Jackie 'O' impresses with her engaging hosting style, sharp wit, and relatable charm, which have endeared her to fans across the nation.

Her influential status in Australian entertainment is a testament to her versatile talent and her innate ability to establish a strong connection with her audience. With a remarkable career marked by enduring success, Jackie 'O' remains an iconic figure in the world of media and broadcasting, leaving an indelible mark on the industry she has mastered.

Jackie 'O' Henderson's New Man: Jack Tyerman

Jack Tyerman, the new man in Jackie 'O' Henderson's life, is a multi-talented individual who has made his mark as both a male model and a skilled construction foreman. His captivating charm, handsome looks, and undeniable modeling talent have earned him opportunities to collaborate with prestigious fashion brands and rub shoulders with renowned figures in the industry.

Jack's genuine and approachable personality, coupled with his passion for sports, fitness, and cooking, have endeared him to audiences, leading to a substantial following on social media. Beyond their romantic connection, the bond between Jack Tyerman and Jackie 'O' Henderson is strengthened by their shared interests and mutual acquaintances, making their relationship all the more intriguing to fans and admirers.

Jackie 'O' Henderson Boyfriend: A Versatile Talent

Jack Tyerman, the new boyfriend of Jackie 'O' Henderson, has demonstrated versatility and excellence in both the modeling and construction fields. As an accomplished male model, he has graced the campaigns of top fashion brands and earned recognition in prominent fashion magazines. His commitment to physical fitness and love for cooking adds to his multi-dimensional appeal.

Apart from his modeling pursuits, Jack's expertise as a construction foreman showcases his dedication and proficiency in another industry. The budding romance between Jack Tyerman and Jackie 'O' Henderson has captured public attention, and their shared interests have fostered a strong connection between the two.

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