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Who is Reuell Walters?

Reuell Joshua Walters, born on December 16, 2004, is a talented English professional footballer known for his prowess as a defender in the Premier League, where he currently represents the renowned club Arsenal. Hailing from Lambeth, South London, Reuell's early life was influenced by his parents Raphael and Aisha. Notably, his mother Aisha was a former British gymnastics champion, adding a touch of athleticism to his family background.

Walters' journey in the world of football commenced with an intriguing blend of experiences. He initially dabbled with a "Brazilian soccer school" in London until its closure. Later, he honed his skills with Peckham Town when he was just seven years old. His potential was recognized when he spent two productive seasons with Unique FA, which led to an introduction to the football giants Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, courtesy of a recommendation from Jamie Waller, the founder of Unique FA. Reuell Walters' story is one of determination and promise as he strives to make his mark in the competitive landscape of professional football.

Reuell Walters Wiki

Reuell Walters, a budding English football talent, has garnered attention as a promising figure within Arsenal's Hale End academy. Born on an intriguing December 16, 2004, he has swiftly risen in the ranks as a standout defender for the renowned Premier League club.

With a versatile skill set, Walters typically takes on the role of a right-back, yet his adaptability extends to central defense, facilitated by his impressive physical attributes and mature game reading beyond his years. Notably, he earned a spot on the matchday roster for a noteworthy clash against Sporting CP, though he remained an unused substitute during that occasion.

Walters' journey within the realm of football is characterized by distinct turns. Commencing his football odyssey in the local Sunday League with Peckham Town, he captured the attention of football giants like Crystal Palace, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. Ultimately, he chose to embark on a journey with Tottenham's academy, a decision influenced by the belief that it would best nurture his development.

However, after four years of progression at Tottenham, he sensed a divergence from his distinctive playing style, leading him to make the audacious choice of taking a hiatus from the game to rediscover his authentic self on the field. This hiatus proved pivotal as he eventually found his way to Arsenal's embrace, where he continues to evolve as a player. His remarkable journey culminated in the signing of his inaugural professional contract with Arsenal in February 2022, solidifying his commitment to his footballing aspirations.


Reuell Walters Bio



Full Name

Reuell Joshua Walters

Stage Name

Reuell Walters

Date of Birth

16 December 2004

Place of Birth

Lambeth, London, England


6 ft

Marital Status


Net Worth

Not Known


English professional footballer

Reuell Walters Age

Reuell Walters, as of now, is 18 years old. Born on December 16, 2004, he is a young and promising English football talent with a birthplace in Lambeth, London, England. Despite his relatively tender age, Walters has already established his presence in the football world, showcasing his skills as a defender for the renowned Premier League team Arsenal.

At this juncture in his career, Walters is poised at the cusp of his potential, with ample time ahead to further hone his abilities and make a lasting impact in the football arena. His age serves as a testament to his early accomplishments and the journey he is embarking upon, offering a glimpse into the exciting trajectory that lies ahead for this aspiring athlete.

Reuell Walters Height

Reuell Walters possesses a stature that measures 1.83 meters, equivalent to 6 feet and 0 inches, in accordance with the details given above. This physical attribute not only underscores his impressive vertical measurement but also hints at his potential advantages on the football field.

Standing at this height, Walters likely possesses a valuable combination of reach, agility, and presence that can be advantageous in his role as a right-back. His height provides him with an enhanced ability to challenge opponents for aerial duels, intercept crosses, and contribute effectively to defensive and offensive set pieces.

Moreover, it can contribute to his overall visibility and awareness on the field, allowing him to better assess and respond to the unfolding game dynamics. As he continues to develop his skills and evolve as a player, his height stands as an asset that can significantly influence his performance and impact within the football arena.

Reuell Walters Parents

Reuell Walters is the son of Raphael and Aisha Walters. Aisha Walters, his mother, holds the distinction of being a former British gymnastics champion who has transitioned into a role as a gymnastics coach. Born in Lambeth, London, on December 16, 2004, Reuell was raised in an environment that clearly values both athleticism and skill development. Notably, his parents' influence is evident in his journey, as Aisha's background in gymnastics and coaching could have played a part in nurturing his early footballing pursuits.

The Walters family's decision to homeschool Reuell at their residence in Streatham further underlines their commitment to his growth and development. While the details don't elaborate extensively on Raphael Walters, Reuell's father, the family's focus on Reuell's education and sportsmanship showcases the supportive foundation from which the young talent has sprung.

Reuell Walters Net Worth

The specific net worth of Reuell Walters, the burgeoning football talent currently making waves at Premier League club Arsenal, is not publicly disclosed as of now. However, as his profile in the world of professional football continues to grow, it's reasonable to anticipate that his financial standing is also on an upward trajectory.

Various factors will contribute to his net worth, including contracts, endorsements, sponsorships, and potential future deals. It's important to recognize that the net worth of athletes can fluctuate due to factors such as performance, market value, and opportunities for endorsements. While Reuell Walters' net worth remains undisclosed, his promising career and rising reputation suggest that his financial success is likely to evolve in parallel with his achievements on and off the field.

Born on December 16, 2004, in London, Reuell embarked on his football journey at an early age, showcasing his skills and dedication to the sport. Progressing through different football clubs, he eventually found a pivotal opportunity with Arsenal's academy in October 2020.

Representing both his club and his country, Reuell has caught the attention of fans and industry professionals alike. While his net worth might not be a current topic of discussion, his potential to secure lucrative opportunities in the future is certainly heightened by his talent and growing recognition. As he continues to excel in his career, Reuell Walters' net worth is expected to reflect his contributions to the world of football.

Reuell Walters Wife

Reuell Walters' marital status does not currently indicate that he is married. As an emerging football talent garnering attention at Arsenal, a Premier League team, Walters has garnered significant recognition for his exceptional skills on the field. While his professional journey progresses with commendable achievements, there is no public information available about his romantic partner or any indication of him being married. Walters appears to prioritize keeping his personal life private, focusing primarily on his football career.

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