Why is My Cat Meowing So Much at Night?

Are you worried about why is my cat meowing so much at night? Well! You are not alone in this confusion. Every cat owner has this confusion because their cat starts meowing when the sun dip. As a pet owner if you need good foods and products for your little fellow then you can explore many products at ambipetcare.

Our blog will highlight the reasons behind your cat’s night meowing. So you should read this blog till the end and know many things.

1. Nocturnal Instincts:

Cats are hunters naturally and commonly ancestors of cats are nighttime predators. Due to domestication, human has changed the cats’ activity pattern. But still cats have nocturnal instincts which is a sign that your cat wants to explore, hunt and play at night time.

2. Attention-Seeking Behavior:

Why is my cat meowing so much? Cats have a better way of communicating through meows which attract your attention. If you once respond to your cat after meowing at night, she will make it continuous behavior to meow at night.

3. Loneliness and Separation Anxiety:

Cats love to live with many people around them. So when you are away from home the whole day, it may cause anxiety about separation in your cat mainly in quiet hours of the night. So meowing may be the sign to seek your presence and comfort.

4. Medical or Health Issues:

When you notice a change in the behavior of a cat then it may be due to any health issue. More meowing in the nigh time may be a cause of discomfort, pain or disease. Some other issues may be the reason such as urinary tract infection, cognitive malfunctioning and hyperthyroidism. So make sure to consult the veterinarian as soon as possible.

5. Senility and Cognitive Changes:

Why is my cat meowing so much? With increasing age, cats face mental changes. This condition is called feline cognitive dysfunction which may cause changed behavior and confusion. So you need to provide a relaxing environment for your cats.

How Many Teeth Do Cats Have in Reality?

Are you curious to know how many teeth do cats have? Well! Adult cats have 30 teeth of different types for different functions. Cats have 12 incisors at the mouth front which are narrow and used for nibbling. Also, incisors keep cats clean by removing dust and dirt.

Near the incisors, there are 4 sharp canines called fangs. These are used to capture and hold prey and tear meat.

In the back of the mouth, there are 10 premolars and 4 molars on both sides. These teeth are used to crush and shear food.

Premolar have flat shapes to grind while molar are large and have bumps to break down strong food.

Both teeth combine to help cats consume different foods such as natural carnivores and commercial food.


We have discussed the reasons of why is my cat meowing so much? So you don’t need to worry about this issue. Once you understand the reason behind meowing, it becomes easy for you to keep your cat relaxing.

Make sure to ensure cats your presence, pay full attention, love and sympathy to your small pet. All these practices will surely minimize the meowing of cats during nighttime.

We have also discussed how many teeth do cats have. So you have a better understanding of everything from teeth to ways to minimize meowing.


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