WPS Office: A Step-by-Step Guide to Adobe Combine PDF on How to Merge PDFs with Adobe

Adobe Acrobat, a well-known PDF editor, offers a potent feature called “Combine PDF.” This feature enables users to combine multiple PDF documents into a single, organized file. Adobe Combine PDF simplifies the process of merging multiple reports, contracts, or presentations and streamlines document management. In this exhaustive guide, we will demonstrate how to efficiently combine PDFs using Adobe Acrobat. Accept the convenience of a consolidated, well-organized document and say farewell to dispersed PDF files.

WPS Office is a better alternative to Adobe Combine PDF

If you wish to combine PDFs more quickly, the Adobe Combine PDF function is a fantastic choice. However, you might think about adopting WPS Office if you are having trouble using Acrobat DC and want a better alternative.

  • Annotate Your PDFs: WPS Office makes it incredibly simple to annotate a PDF. Whether you use PDFs for personal or professional purposes, annotating them can help you streamline your work and increase your productivity.
  • Compared to other software products, WPS Office makes it incredibly simple to edit PDFs while on the go. You can rely on WPS Office to easily alter any component of a PDF.
  • Working with your PDFs in WPS Office can also assist you in the conversion process. With the help of this software, you may quickly and easily export your PDF in whatever format you desire.
  • Access Your PDFs Across All Platforms: WPS Office’s availability across all popular platforms means that you may use it whenever you wish to read and edit PDFs.
  • Using WPS Office can enable you quickly sign all of your PDF files. You can complete your personal and professional responsibilities properly with the signature tool.
  • Save Time: One advantage of WPS Office over Acrobat DC is that it is a lightweight program, allowing you to edit and combine pdf files more quickly and so save time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: WPS Office offers a fantastic, simple-to-use interface. Even if you lack much technical skills, you can rely on this software to work with PDFs.
  • A more economical alternative to Acrobat DC is WPS Office, which is accessible for free and offers a very reasonable premium plan. WPS Office can be trusted to help you save money and handle PDF editing jobs.

Preparing PDF Documents for Combining

Before beginning the process of consolidating PDF files with Adobe Acrobat, it is essential to ensure that your PDFs are compatible with merging. Here are some essential preparatory measures:

Organize PDF Files:

Rename files: Give the PDF files meaningful names that reflect their content or function.

Arrange files: Organize the PDF files in the intended merging order. This ensures that the intended order is maintained in the combined document.

Save Original File Copies:

Make careful to create backup copies of your original PDF files before proceeding with the merging process. This step safeguards against data loss in the event of accidental modification.

Adobe Acrobat is used to combine PDFs

Adobe Acrobat provides a simple method for integrating multiple PDF files. Follow the instructions below to combine pdf searcher files using Adobe:

Activate Adobe Acrobat:

Launch Adobe Acrobat on your system. If Adobe Acrobat is not already installed on your computer, you can obtain it from the official Adobe website.

  • In Adobe Acrobat, navigate to the “Tools” tab on the toolbar’s top.
  • Simply click “Combine Files”:
  • In the “Create & Edit” section, choose “Combine Files.”
  • Click “Add Files” to select and upload the PDF documents you wish to merge. You can select multiple files by clicking on each file while holding the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) key.
  • Once the files have been uploaded, you can rearrange their order within the file list by dragging and moving them.
  • Adobe Acrobat provides options for customizing the merging of files. You can choose to include headers and footers, create bookmarks, and add page numbers. These settings can improve the document’s organization and legibility.
  • Select “Combine”
  • Click the “Combine” icon to initiate the merging process after arranging the files and making any desired modifications.


Combining PDF files with Adobe Acrobat is a straightforward process that increases document management’s efficacy and organization. Adobe Combine PDF simplifies the task and guarantees a well-structured output, whether you’re combining reports, presentations, or contracts. Consider the advanced strategies to optimize your merging experience. With Adobe Acrobat at your disposal, you can effortlessly consolidate PDF files. Say hello to efficient document administration and goodbye to dispersed PDF files!




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