WWE 2K23 1.17 Patch Notes for August 2023

WWE 2K23 1.17 Update

Visual Concepts is prepared to unveil an upcoming update for WWE 2K23, known as version 1.17. The patch is set for release within this week and brings with it a host of enhancements and adjustments. This update, labeled WWE 2K23 update 1.17 (also referred to as PS5 version 1.017), will be available across all platforms. It introduces a concise yet impactful list of fixes to enhance the wrestling game.

Delve into the following details to discover the additions in the official patch notes for WWE 2K23's new update as of August 23rd. Despite having been out for only a short span of days, WWE 2K23 has rapidly garnered a substantial and dedicated fan community. In the ongoing pursuit of an enriched gameplay experience, the game has received a fresh update today.

Notably, this latest iteration is centered around addressing concerns that players have brought to attention. For your reference, the comprehensive patch notes for the WWE 2K23 1.17 update are provided below.

WWE 2K23 1.17 Patch Notes


Here are the details for this week’s WWE 2K23 patch update.

  • Added imagery related to upcoming MyFACTION events
  • Addressed reported concerns related to Forearm Smash 7, allowing it to now be used as a Signature or Finisher
  • Addressed reported concerns related to Right Jab 2 in Create-A-Move so it consistently makes contact with opponent.


WWE 2K23

In the gaming landscape of 2023, WWE 2K23 emerges as a prominent and eagerly anticipated entry in the realm of professional wrestling sports video games. Developed by the respected game developer Visual Concepts and brought to the gaming community by 2K, this installment holds the distinction of being the twenty-third iteration in the extensive lineage of video games centered around the WWE universe.

Carrying the legacy of its predecessors, WWE 2K23 proudly continues the tradition of the WWE 2K series, a sub-brand that has become synonymous with wrestling simulation excellence. Serving as the tenth game to bear the WWE 2K moniker, it signifies a milestone in the franchise's evolution.

With a release date set on March 17, 2023, WWE 2K23 was made accessible to an array of gaming platforms, ensuring a wide reach for wrestling enthusiasts and gamers alike. These platforms include the PlayStation 4 and 5, catering to both the previous and current generations of Sony's gaming consoles. Windows PC gamers also had the chance to dive into the world of WWE 2K23, while Xbox loyalists could experience the game on both the Xbox One and the advanced Xbox Series X/S systems.

As fans and players engaged with WWE 2K23, they encountered a virtual arena where the pulse-pounding action and drama of professional wrestling comes to life. With enhanced graphics, refined gameplay mechanics, and a host of features designed to captivate and immerse players, WWE 2K23 seeks to set a new standard for virtual wrestling experiences, ensuring that the passion and excitement of WWE are translated into an engaging and interactive digital domain.

WWE 2K23 Gameplay


Much like its predecessor, WWE 2K23 retains its blend of action-packed gameplay and true-to-life simulation elements. A notable addition is the incorporation of the WarGames mode, marking its debut in the WWE 2K series. Furthermore, the Royal Rumble match has undergone enhancements to enable online multiplayer functionality, supporting intense battles with up to eight players.

Returning from previous iterations are an array of captivating game modes, including MyFACTION, MyGM, Showcase, Universe, MyRISE career mode, and an expansive creation suite. These modes come with a host of fresh features that enhance the overall gaming experience.

The Showcase mode puts the spotlight on cover star John Cena, granting players the opportunity to meticulously recreate pivotal moments from Cena's illustrious career. The pinnacle of this showcase is an electrifying fatal-4-way elimination match set within the WrestleMania 38 arena. This dream match involves Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and Bruno Sammartino battling it out in an epic showdown.

Within the MyRISE mode, players are treated to two distinct narrative pathways: "The Lock" caters to male created superstars, while "The Legacy" is tailored for their female counterparts. These storylines provide a deeper connection to the virtual wrestling world and offer engaging storytelling avenues for players to explore.

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