‘Code 8: Part II’ Netflix Movie: Everything We Know So Far

code 8 part 2 netflix movie

Code 8 – Picture: XYZ Films

Netflix will exclusively release the long-awaited follow-up to the hit sci-fi film Code 8. Titled Code 8: Part II, here’s your first look at the upcoming sequel, when we’ll get more information and everything else we know so far.

Starting its life as a YouTube short, an eventual full-feature film went on to release in 2019, but it wasn’t until it hit Netflix in April 2020 that the movie took off, spending over two weeks alone in the US top 10s.

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Riding this newfound success, a TV series was commissioned for the now-defunct streaming service Quibi. Although the status of that particular project is unclear, soon after, we learned in June 2021 that Netflix would be the home of a brand-new sequel.

Ted Sarandos announced the news during his keynote session at the Banff World Media Festival, marking Netflix’s first original Canadian English-language feature acquisition.

XYZ Films is again behind the sequel and serves as the production company/distributor behind Netflix’s I Came By and Havoc, with the former released in 2023 and the latter scheduled for 2024.

Canadian production company Collective Pictures, headed by Jeff Chan, is also behind the movie. PLAYFIGHT VFX is working on the titles VFX.

Chris Paré, Jeff Chan, Sherren Lee, and Jesse LaVercombe serve as writers on the sequel. Jeff Chan returns to direct the sequel.

What will happen in Code 8: Part II?

The main synopsis for the sequel was given during the initial announcement:

“After witnessing the murder of her brother and subsequent cover up, a teenage girl with abnormal abilities seeks the help of an ex-con (Robbie Amell) and his former partner-in-crime (Stephen Amell). Together, they face a unit of corrupt police officers who deploy advanced robotic technology to prevent themselves from being exposed.”

A slightly different synopsis has since been provided:

“A teenage girl, fighting to get justice for her slain brother at the hands of corrupt police officers, becomes a target and enlists the help of an ex-con and his former partner-in-crime. Together, they face a highly regarded and well protected police sergeant who will use every tool to prevent himself from being exposed.”

Code 8: Part II First Look Coming at Geeked Week

If you’re wondering when we’ll next get some new first looks at the movie, the movie was confirmed among the lineup for Netflix’s third annual Geeked Week between November 6th and November 12th, 2023.

In the teaser trailer, we get a short clip of the upcoming movie:

code 8 part ii netflix first look geeked week 02

Picture: Netflix

code 8 part ii netflix first look geeked week

Picture: Netflix

Who is in the cast for Code 8: Part II?

Reprising their two respective roles from the first movie are Stephen Amell as Garrett and Robbie Amell as Connor Reed.

Joining the cast for the sequel includes:

  • Alex Mallari Jr. (The Adam Project) as Sgt. King
  • Natalie Liconti (In the Dark) as Maev
  • Jane Moffat (Mary Kills People) as June
  • Aaron Abrams (Hannibal) as Davis
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour (Race) as Cirelli
  • Sirena Gulamgaus (Transplant) Pav
  • Sammy Azero (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City) as Tarak
  • Sarena Parmar (How to Be Indie) as Stephanie
  • Noorin Gulamgaus (RoboCop) as Marcus
  • Akiel Julien (The Boys) as Shane
  • Mikayla Swami Nathan (Children Ruin Everything) as Younger Pav
  • Jessica Allen (The Handmaid’s Tale) as Tamera
  • Jean Yoon (Kim’s Convenience) as Mina
  • Mikayla SwamiNathan (Children Ruin Everything) as Younger Pav
code 8 part 2 cast grid netflix

Cast grid for Code 8 Part II

Where did filming take place for Code 8: Part II and when did production start and finish?

Following its initial announcement, production for the film took place over the course of two months between October and December 2021.

Per The Spec, the title filmed a large portion in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in November 2021, saying:

“Code 8: Part II” was spotted filming on the west Mountain, at the brow near West 5th Street and Fennell Avenue West.

It had a base camp set up last week in a Stelco parking lot at Gage Avenue North and Burlington Street East. It was likely filming scenes at Skylight Steelworks, a joint arts/film site between U.S.-based Skylight studios and Stelco on Wilcox Street at the Hilton Works.”

When production had gotten underway, Robbie Amell posted on Instagram and jokingly referred to the weather, saying, “Hopefully, Part 3 is warmer.”

In August 2022, Robbie Amell posted that they had just screened the movie (showed off an early form of the movie to a small audience for reaction, etc), saying in the caption:

“Our 1st screening of Code 8 Part II — movie looks terrific. Rob and I brought our Moms… they both stayed awake.

Coming soon to a Netflix near you.”

code 8 part 2 screening

Code 8: Part II Screening

When will Code 8: Part II release on Netflix?

The movie was originally expected to release at some point in 2023, but with the Fall lineup unveiled, it’s likely it’ll now be pushed into 2024 and be one of the first major movies to be released in 2024.

We’ve heard that the movie will be scheduled for the first few months of the year but we’ll likely get an official confirmation at the aforementioned Geeked Week.

Are you looking forward to Code 8: Part II on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.


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