‘Neon’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel?

neon season 2 netflix renewal status what we know so far

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Netflix’s musical comedy series Neon dropped on Netflix globally on October 19th, 2023, but has failed to make a big impression thus far. The show has yet to get an official renewal or cancelation from Netflix so far, but what do the numbers say? Let’s dig in. 

Eight episodes of the series, headlined by Tyler Dean Flores, Emma Ferreira, Jordan Mendoza, and Courtney Taylor, dropped onto Netflix in mid-October, exploring the world of reggaeton following our four protagonists trying to make it big in the neon-lit streets of Miami.

The show has a strong focus on diversity, with much of the team behind the show talking about the importance of BIPOC storytelling in the run-up to its release.

Neon Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed
Renewal Prediction: Canceled.

Netflix did not give the show an upfront order of episodes, nor has it yet to officially renew Neon for a second season.

Given the performance thus far – more detail on that in a second – we’re currently predicting a cancelation for this series, given that it doesn’t look to have made any progress out of the gate and none since. While a show doesn’t necessarily

Netflix didn’t promote the series too hard beyond a couple of press releases, but there was definitely a big push for the series on TUDUM covering the show. Did its name harm the show? Lack of promotion beyond Netflix’s TUDUM hurt? Was that partly down to the show’s stars being unable to promote because the strikes played an impact? Or did it just fail to resonate as some of Netflix’s other Latino-led shows have?

Of course, it’s worth noting that our prediction is just that, a prediction. We’ll keep this post updated over time with more when we get it. Until then, the series will be listed on our pending series list.

neon renewal status season 2

NEON. Tyler Dean Flores as Santi in NEON. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

By the close of season 1, much of the storylines have been concluded, with Santi, Ness, Felix, and Mia mostly now on the path to achieving their dreams; there are still plenty of avenues for the show to continue.

How well is Neon Performing on Netflix?

Using various websites and tools, we can assess most Netflix title’s performance on the service.

The best way to see how a show is performing is through Netflix’s Top 10 website, which publishes new data every Tuesday. The show’s first opportunity to feature in the top 10s would’ve been the window between October 16th and October 22nd, but sadly, it didn’t turn up in the top 10s. A number of shows beat it out that week, including the first season of CoComelon, which took 10th place. It would’ve needed 1.2 million viewing equivalents to feature.

As we’ve outlined in our top 10 reports, most of the shows that miss out on the top 10s are in the “Pending” arena or, in the case of Freeridge, it was announced to be canceled.

new netflix shows viewership vs other seasons

Renewed/Canceled/Pending Shows and Their CVE Performance in 2023

Given we don’t have data on a global basis, can we drill down into the performance of the show on a country-by-country basis? Thanks to FlixPatrol, we can do just that. They track the top 10s every day for over 90 regions globally.

According to their data, the show peaked in the top 10s on October 24th, being the 24th biggest show in the world on the service that day with 63 points.

The show has featured in the top 10s of 16 countries according to their data with the US seeing the show available for three days before dropping out. The Dominican Republic is the top-performing region at the time of publishing, averaging #6 since its release. You can see the heatmap of the show’s global popularity below as well as the trajectory of the top 10s:

neon flixpatrol top 10 performance

FlixPatrol data for Neon on Netflix

Looking externally, things aren’t particularly strong here for Neon either.

On IMDb, the show peaked in its first week, with it being the #793rd most popular title that week. Typically, we’d want to see a show with a chance of renewal get at least within the top 100. Sticking with IMDb, we can also see that the show hasn’t picked up much traction in its user score. It has a rather depressing 5.1 at the time of publishing based on only 214 reviews.

Another sign the show may have crashed and burned is the views on both the teaser and official trailer for the series. At the time of publishing, both only secured just over 60,000 views each. As we’ve noted previously, there’s a strong correlation between the views a series gets on YouTube and how it performs on Netflix.

We didn’t find too much activity for the show on TikTok either, with the best-performing video being a TV recommendation post that picked up a couple hundred thousand views.

Would you like to see Neon return for a season 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


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