When will ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ be on Netflix?

five night at freddys on netflix

Picture: Universal Pictures / Peacock

Halloween is here, and one of the big new theatrical releases this year is Five Nights at Freddy’s, the long-anticipated horror adaptation of the famous and beloved video game series. The movie launched on Peacock alongside its theatrical debut, but given that most countries don’t have that streaming service, will it be on Netflix? The answer is yes for most, but when depends on where you live.

The movie has a bunch of hype heading into its opening weekend, with it expected to be one of the year’s biggest movie openings at the box office. That, combined with hype with young audiences, doesn’t seem to be swayed by the mediocre critic reviews. Tim Grierson for Screen International, for example, stated the film “fails at delivering scares or cheeky laughs, resulting in a tedious experience that relies heavily on horror’s most cliched tropes.”

For those unfamiliar, the movie follows the plot of the game itself, with you following a security guard beginning his first shift at the cursed Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza diner.

The film features the talents of Josh Hutcherson, Piper Rubio, Elizabeth Lail, Matthew Lillard, and Mary Stuart Masterson. It begins its theatrical run in the US and abr0ad from October 27th.

When will Five Nights at Freddy’s be on Netflix US?

The movie will be coming to Netflix in the US in a few year’s time. As outlined in a deal struck back in July 2021: “Netflix will also license rights to the full Animated and Live Action slate from UFEG about 4 years after release as well as rights to select titles from Universal’s vast movie library.”

That means you can expect Five Nights at Freddy’s on Netflix US sometime around 2027. Yes, that is an incredibly long time to wait. Other live-action movies coming to Netflix via this deal starting in 2026 include Jurassic World: Dominion, Oppenheimer, Nope, and lots more.

In the United States, then, you’ll want to check out the movie on Peacock or head out to theaters.

Will Five Nights at Freddy’s be on Netflix Internationally?

Yes, but different regions have different deals with Universal’s live-action division.

As we’ve covered previously, such as with Oppenheimer, Netflix only has the first window rights to Universal movies in a few Asian territories, including South Korea. The movie is expected to arrive in early 2024.

For countries like the United Kingdom, India (plus other Asian territories), and South Africa. You’re currently waiting around two years for new Universal movies. That means it should arrive in or around mid-to-late 2025. For those in the UK, the movie will first be available on NowTV and Sky.

Sadly, if you live in any other region, the movie likely won’t be streaming until after 2025, meaning you’ll need to watch it elsewhere.

Do you want to see Five Nights at Freddy’s on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.


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