Welcome to Samdalri Netflix Romantic K-Drama: Everything We Know So Far

welcome to samaldri season 1 romantic k drama netflix preview

jTBC’s upcoming weekly K-drama Welcome to Samdalri is coming to Netflix sometime in the near future. We’re hopeful the series will arrive sooner rather than later, but subscribers could be waiting until late 2024 for the drama. Here’s everything we know so far about Welcome to Samdalri on Netflix.

Welcome to Samdalri is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean romantic drama series directed by Kwon Hye Joo (Hi Bye Mama!), and written by screenwriter Cha Young Hoon (Forecasting and Love and Weather).

When is Welcome to Samdalri coming to Netflix?

At the time of writing, we’re currently waiting for an official release date from Netflix, and South Korean cable network jTBC.

The Asian drama fansite MyDramaList has December 2023 as a placeholder date, however, we’ve heard that the K-drama has been pushed back to 2024-2025.

The K-drama will have a total of sixteen episodes, with two episodes released a week for a total of eight weeks.

What is the plot of Welcome to Samdalri?

As a child, thanks to a mistaken weather report, Jo Yong Pil lost his mother. Now an adult, he has grown to be a weather forecaster in order to protect the elderly in his hometown. Meanwhile, Jo Sam Dal, an estranged childhood friend of Je Yong Pil, returns from Seoul after her highly successful career in fashion falls apart. Once joined at the hip, the distant pair reunite in Samdalri, where old feelings come rushing back to the surface.

Who are the cast members of Welcome to Samdalri?

Ji Chang Wook plays the lead role of Cho Yong Pil. The actor has starred in multiple K-dramas that can currently be found on Netflix such as The Sound of Magic, Lovestruck in the City, Backstreet Rookie, Suspicious Partner, and The K2.

Ji Chang Wookwelcome to samaldri season 1 romantic k drama netflix preview

Picture: Ji Chang Wook

Shin Hye Sun plays the lead role of Cho Sam Dal/Cho Eun Hye. The actress has also starred in multiple K-dramas that can be found on Netflix such as See You in My 19th Life, Mr. Queen, Stranger, The Hymn of Death, and My Golden Life.

Shin Hye Sun welcome to samaldri season 1 romantic k drama netflix preview

Picture: Shin Hye Sun

Three supporting cast members have been confirmed; Shin Dong Mi (The Fabulous) and Kang Mi Na (Summer Guys) play the roles of Sam Dal’s sisters Cho Jin Dal, and Cho Hae Dai, respectively, Meanwhile, Kim Mi Kyung (Doctor Cha) plays the role of Sam Dal’s mother.

Song Min Jae, Park Seol Ha, and Kim Min Joon portray the respective younger selves of Cho Yong Pil, Cho Hae Dal, and Eun Woo.

Actors with unknown roles are Kang Young Seok (Insider), Kim Ah Young (The Moment the Heart Shines), and Yoon Jin Seong (The Glory).

When and where did filming take place for Welcome to Samdalri?

Filming reportedly took place between Early April 2023, and Mid July 2023.

Shooting took place in South Korea.

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