5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Space to Watch Movies at Home

If you need an excuse to spend more time in your backyard, how about building an outdoor space for watching movies? Thanks to affordable and easy-to-source materials, it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds. Here are five tips for creating an outdoor movie space that your whole family can enjoy.

1. Get a Projector

At a minimum, a projector is the most important element of your outdoor movie theater experience. It can provide a large, high-definition image in a compact, portable device. Modern projectors also have USB ports or Bluetooth pairing capabilities, so you can easily play movies directly from your phone or streaming device. For best results, look for a projector that is rated for outdoor use, such as a projector that’s labeled as “splash-proof” or “drop-proof.”

2. Get a Screen

Along with a projector, the screen is necessary for a pleasant viewing experience. While the truly frugal may be tempted to use the exterior wall of their home for a makeshift screen, the wall’s texture will likely cause shadows in the picture. This can take away from the immersive quality of an outdoor theater. Instead of using the wall, find a screen with a frame that’s designed for backyard use. The frame will keep the screen stabilized, allowing you to enjoy a movement-free picture.

3. Offer Multiple Seating Options

Some people like to sit to watch movies, while others like to lounge on their stomachs or back. To ensure all your guests can watch comfortably, provide a variety of seating options. Some examples include loveseats, chaise lounges, chairs, and blankets spread out over the grass. Toss in some cushions and additional blankets for extra coziness. Don’t forget to arrange the seats so that the tallest options are in the back. That way, everyone can have a clear view of the screen.

4. Use the Right Materials

Whether you’re making a basic movie setup or a complete outdoor living room, make sure to use fabric, hardware, and other materials designed for outdoor use. Sunlight, wind, and rain are some of the outdoor hazards that can degrade your furniture and electronics, so you’ll need durable alternatives that can withstand all different kinds of weather. For an extra layer of protection, consider investing in an outdoor storage crate to keep everything organized when they’re not in use.

5. Upgrade Your Sound System

One downside of watching a movie outdoors is the possibility of background noise. Airplanes, traffic, neighbors, and even buzzing mosquitoes can interfere with your ability to hear your movie’s audio track. To combat this, pair your projector with a high-quality speaker or soundbar. You can even design your own surround sound system with two or more inexpensive speakers, which will still be a step up from the speaker in your projector.

With these tips, you can level up your family movie night experience by moving it to the outdoors. All you need is a few materials and some imagination to transform your backyard into an oasis for making memories.


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