Casino Gaming: How Does the Hot Drops Feature Work?

Picture this: you spin the reel and land a huge progressive jackpot! That is every spinner’s dream, but the chances of this happening are usually almost zero.

However, launching the Hot Drops Feature on slots is an offer you could maximize and win big. The innovative feature means you can trigger the reel and win big prizes anytime.

Slots are entertaining to play and come with unique features to boost your chances of winning. Traditionally, it would take weeks and even months for casino players to win jackpots. But this is no longer the case, thanks to the inception of The Hot Drops Feature.

It sounds piquing – let’s dive into everything you should know about this innovation. But first, you can check out some of the best GGBet casino bonuses to get started. 

What is the Hot Drops Feature?

A lot of mechanics go into informing progressive slots and how they work. Hot Drops, also known as Must Drop, is a feature that describes progressive slot machine games that have a payout at a particular time.

Players can expect to hit a jackpot within a set time frame, becoming one of the most exciting must-win jackpots. This feature means you can scoop something big hourly on most casinos.

All a player needs to do is spin the reel – a few slot titles already have added this feature for better gaming. Doing this over and over increases the jackpot’s prize, and if lucky, you could walk away with the much-coveted casino reward. 

The jackpot resets once a winner is found, and you can start spinning again. Remember to be keen and watch the meter to discover when the next winner is expected – you can spin more if the time is about.

Types of Hot Drops

What distinguishes Hot Drops from conventional progressives is that awards are given at specific times or when a particular limit is reached. You could land any of these progressives when playing a single Hot Drops slot:

  • Hourly Hot Drops are smaller, but you are guaranteed that there will be a winner every hour. An hourly win can be estimated at $1,000, and players can land more than one win in a day.
  • Daily Hot Drops refresh after 24 hours and have an average price of $25,000. The value could be higher based on the number of players spinning concurrently. You can still chase this jackpot; if you’re unlucky, you can try the next day.
  • Super/Epic Hot Drops come in different values and can be as high as $1 million. The criteria here is for pots to drop before reaching a set amount ($25,000). The triggers happen once in four and a half days but can land sooner if the set prize pool is hit. You can keep an eye on this and scoop at least $250,000.

A good strategy is to mark when daily Hot Drops jackpots reset and spin closer to that. For example, you will likely win a jackpot that refreshes at 11 pm by playing at 9 pm or 10 pm. You can check on your casino to find out when the pot will land and its value.

What are the Criteria to Win Hot Drops? 

Winning slots is about luck; you spin and hope that the Random Number Generator (RNG) will select you. Even so, it doesn’t mean you should be pessimistic and think your winning chances are slimmer. 

One thing that will bear fruits in Hot Drops is continuous gameplay. The minimum bet requirement doesn’t apply in this slot, so you can keep playing even if you have been unlucky on multiple attempts. 

The more you play, the higher your chances of winning. The goal here is to hit three jackpot symbols in one spin, and then you will see the jackpot wheel. Next, spin and wait to see where the pointer lands.

Besides this, consider the following to increase your odds:

  • Find the active jackpots and try playing when the resetting time is approaching. It is advisable to play an available jackpot instead of one already won.
  • Check the time and prize limit to establish if it is about to be won. Increase your odds by spinning closer to a jackpot’s limit. Remember, Hot Drops are time-based (win the jackpot if the set time approaches) or value-based (the jackpot is won when a set amount is reached).
  • Avoid locked jackpots because the possibility of winning is almost zero. For example, once a daily jackpot is won, you must wait 24 hours before finding out if you were lucky.

Which Slot Casino Games Have the Hot Drops Feature?

The Hot Drops function has software that can be integrated into most slots. Since this feature is becoming a demand, most casinos hope to add the jackpot to their slot machines. Here are titles that already have the feature:

  • The Egyptian-themed title, a Night with Cleo, with the added adult-themed graphics, is worth checking. Spin three or more times to trigger a jackpot with the Hot Drops. 
  • Enjoy the classic 777 Deluxe fun slots with the progressive jackpot feature.
  • The Golden Buffalo has at least 4000 ways to incorporate the Hot Drops function.
  • Santa’s Ways is a Christmas-themed slot with the Hot Drops jackpot.
  • Another excellent lineup is the Reels of Fortune, designed in a three-reel format.
  • The American Jet set
  • Oasis Dreams
  • Year of the Rabbit
  • Temple of Athena
  • Lady’s Magic Charms

Advantages of Playing Hot Drops Jackpots

If you ever find a casino with the Hot Drops function, below are reasons you should play these games:

  • You could be lucky and hit a progressive jackpot with a huge amount, which is rare in other slots.
  • You can still play your favorite slot and win. If you are not ready to start learning a new title, the Hot Drops software is incorporated into old classics you could be familiar with. As the demand for this feature keeps growing, be sure to see the same in more titles.
  • Casino slot lovers are always looking for new features to enhance the gameplay. Here is one you want to try, and if you’re lucky, win big.


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