Make Concert Films Even Better with These Can’t-Miss Tips

Whether it’s an all-time classic like “Stop Making Sense” or something more recent, nothing can quite match the experience of watching a great concert film with your friends or family. Although enjoying a concert movie with your loved ones is going to be great even if you’re just sprawled on the floor munching popcorn together, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to make the experience even more memorable. In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly how to do it. 

Do you want to elevate your next concert film screening from “pretty fun” to “just as fun as being there?” Here are some tips that are guaranteed to leave your friends feeling thoroughly rocked.

Maximize the Audiovisual Experience

If you want to have a great time screening a concert film, having a projector is arguably even more important than it is for traditional movies because the added immersion makes you feel like you’re really part of the audience. You don’t need to use a costly high-end projector to enjoy excellent video quality. As long as you control the ambient lighting sufficiently and project the image on a smooth, white surface, even a more affordable projector can produce a great image.

Audio quality is also very important if you’re screening a concert film because viewers are listening to the film as much as they’re watching it. Concert films really benefit from surround sound because a good mix can make you feel like you’re in the center of the crowd. In fact, filmmakers have recently begun adding new surround mixes to classic films with the help of AI – so the next time you watch one of your all-time favorites, it might feel like an entirely new experience.

If you don’t have the budget or lack the space to install a surround system, consider a soundbar and a subwoofer as an alternative. The set will cost significantly less than a surround system would and will still provide a noticeable upgrade compared to your TV’s internal speakers.  

Provide Vapes for the Smokers

Smoking tends to go hand in hand with concert films – especially if the films happen to be in the classic rock genre and the viewers happen to be in a certain age group. If you’re planning to screen a concert film for friends or family who smoke, the last thing you want is for those people to spend half of the evening outside instead of enjoying the festivities. At the same time, though, you definitely don’t want people filling your home with smoke. So, what can you do? The solution is to buy some vapes from a company like Nordamp and distribute them to guests who smoke. That way, the smokers can indulge their cravings without bothering others or making your home theater smell like tobacco.

Create the Mood Your Guests Expect

If you really want to make sure that your guests have a memorable experience when you’re screening a concert film, it’s important to make sure that you’re setting the right mood – and that’ll be dictated in large part by the type of film you’re showing. If you’re screening a classic rock film with extended jams and solos, for instance, people might want to laze around and drift off while watching the movie. Try throwing some beanbag chairs and blankets on the floor.

On the other hand, maybe you and your guests are more in the mood for a dance music extravaganza. In this case, try turning the room into a dance floor and setting up some lights and a disco ball. You’ll definitely get some bonus points here if you set up some smart lights and synchronize them with the film.

If you have a traditional home theater with high-end leather furniture and a big screen, there’s no need to worry about setting the mood because your theater is guaranteed to wow your guests as it is. In this case, your job is already done – just encourage your guests to sit back and be amazed.

Serve Some Theater-Friendly Refreshments

Just like when you’re attending a real concert, no screening of a concert film could be complete unless you provide some appropriate refreshments. If you’re just showing one film, you don’t really have to do a lot in this area – just provide plenty of candy and popcorn, and your guests are guaranteed to love the evening.

If you’re planning a longer evening and will be screening more than one film, on the other hand, it’s likely that your guests are going to want something a bit more substantial than popcorn. You’ve already gone through the trouble of choosing the perfect films and creating the ideal environment, so there’s no need to overthink the refreshments. There’s also no need to spend the day in the kitchen slaving away. Order an assortment of pizzas or have some sandwiches catered in, and let your guests serve themselves when they get hungry. It still doesn’t hurt to have some popcorn and candy available, though, even if you’re also serving heavier food. A movie night just wouldn’t be complete without a good supply of munchies.

Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

Smoking isn’t the only thing that goes hand in hand with concert films – just like everyone wants to grab some beer at the refreshment stand when watching their favorite bands perform live, there’s a good chance that your guests will expect to consume some potent potables when they visit your house to watch concert films. By all means, you should be a good host and encourage your friends to enjoy themselves responsibly – but remember that as the host, you’re also responsible for ensuring that your guests get home in one piece. 

Take the keys when your guests arrive and make sure that a sober designated driver has been appointed. If that’s not possible, hire taxis for guests that have consumed alcohol during the evening and have them come back for their vehicles the next day. As a last resort, you can let your guests crash overnight at your place. In that way, it’ll almost feel like you’ve gone to an actual concert together.


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