Tips To Add That “Wow Factor” To Your Home With The Right Home Furnishing Items

A home is more than just a place to live; it is also a place where you feel content and inspired. The elements within the four walls of the house have more meaning to you than their main purpose of providing shelter. Thus, the things you use for home décor should be eye-catching and conversation-starters. If your home does not have that wow factor, you should do something to change it by adding interesting home furnishings online from manufacturers like Wakefit. For tips on creating that wow factor using home decor, read below.

Add Texture and Colour

If your home is neutral, then you can get that wow factor by adding contrast and colour through the use of simple elements. Add a subtle pop of colour to give that neutral space an exciting and surprising feel and mood. When you buy home furnishing items, choose something that is eye-catching, bold, and bright. If you are not keen on colours, you can still achieve great results by adding texture through carefully chosen materials like patterned wallpaper. These will help to create a focal point, making it look attractive to the eye. Unexpected textures and colours can make your home attractive and unique. Add a pop of colour with carpets and rugs that make a huge statement. Choose colours of home furnishings that set the tone and fit your room. Throw blankets, woven items, etc. add great style and comfort.

Create a Focal Point and Decorate Around It

Make your home decor exciting by showcasing a visually stunning focal point. Some people have a neutral focal point, like a bow window, a fireplace, etc. If you don’t have that option, you can always add a focal point with unique furniture like a coffee table, artwork, a dramatic sofa, colourful carpet rugs, etc. Arrange them or highlight them so that they draw visual attention to that focal point.

Invest in Good Quality Products

Whether it is furniture or a bedside runner, choose quality as it reflects your taste. When you invest in good quality products, they last a long time, and there will be no need for replacements. The piece you buy should ideally last for many years and should be something that you don’t get bored of. The materials used in these items should be durable and complement the other accessories.

Freshen things

With the busy lifestyle of people and many things needing their attention, it is not easy to see when that home decor of yours starts to look worn out and tired. From vacuuming to giving it a spring clean, paying a little extra attention can help keep your home decor clean, brighter, and more appealing to guests. It also helps to buy new door mats for your home if you are tired of seeing the same old stuff.


Clutter is something that builds up very quickly. Also, when you don’t have too many visitors coming, things stack up at the corners and you get so used to seeing them there that you don’t bother to clear them away. So take time to clean up the clutter and give away those things that you never use. If you have things that are of use to you and can’t exactly give them away, get some storage boxes, pack them, and tuck them under the bed or stack them in a corner. It not only helps in tidying the space but also makes the room appear bigger.

Choose Good Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to upgrading your home. Very often, rooms do not have natural light so you should have good lighting in every room so that there is enough brightness. There is nothing worse than a dark, dingy space. Look for different shapes and sizes when it comes to choosing different types of lighting and also consider using a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the light as per your mood.

Add Artwork

Do you have a bare wall that looks boring? You can choose an affordable piece of artwork and hang it on the wall. You could also use your favourite photographs to personalise your home. When hanging photo frames, invest in something that matches the theme. Also, if you are choosing artwork, pick the right one, as it can make or break the entire space. To make an impact, choose emotive or oversized artwork. To make a statement, hang a single large piece of art with a subtle living room rug to create a wow factor.

Add Greenery

One of the simplest ways to make your home lively and bright is by adding plants. There are so many varieties of houseplants available that there is surely something for everyone, whether you are knowledgeable about them or not. For those who need something with less maintenance, succulents are the best choice, as they need less light. You can also invest in artificial plants, which last a lifetime. You can also opt for green floor rugs to give a calm and grounded feeling.

Go Bold; Go Big

If you have neutral home decor, spice things up by choosing bold accent pieces to add some drama. For instance, add a pop of colour and life with bold bedroom rugs or unleash your creativity with statement home decor that has striking patterns and vibrant colours. Explore mixing textures using a flow mat and embrace eclectic styles to elevate your home and redefine your living space with a bold flair.

When it comes to decoration, going big is the way to go, as it can help in tastefully decorating and spicing up an ordinary room. Invest in stately couches, dramatic lighting, large entertainment consoles, etc. so that they give you the wow factor you need. There are many rug designs online that complement these and you can add them to make it look more dramatic.

Wow, decor is not just about how it looks; it is something that appeals to all your senses and not just your eyes. Whether you are buying a yoga mat or a rug design ensure it is an immersive experience for all your senses, as that is when your guests will get that wow factor.


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