VFX: Everything You Need to Know About it

In the current days, effects are used in almost every place. Artists dealing with VFX work with freelancers or studios when making their art, from ads, music videos and cinematography to augmented or virtual reality projects and videogames. When it comes to the production sector, effects play a crucial role in its success. They help enhance or create virtual reality while enhancing an imaginary story to make it more realistic. Therefore, you must ensure you work with a reputable VFX company for the best results. What is VFX? This article provides everything you need to know about VFX. So, continue scrolling to learn more. 

VFX: What is it?

Simply put, VFX means Visual Effects. VFX typically helps create people, creatures and environments that might not be part of the on-screen imagery. Additionally, visual effects can help develop things that do not even exist in real life. As a result, VFX allows filmmakers to manipulate pictures, thus developing the required result in the final post-production. Often, VFX links different visual techniques and effects such as Chroma Key, CGI, etc. 

Major Types of Visual Effects

Primarily. Every visual effects studio will comprise a team that specializes in a particular speciality and technique. Most VFX types fall into one of the following classifications. 

Motion Capture

This includes an action reference visual effect. Motion capture is used to develop a CG model from an object or a real actor aided by a motion suit. Basically, every movement of an actor is recorded digitally using the motion markers. Then, the recording is later transferred into a model. Besides movement, the motion capture technique can record facial expressions, which helps develop a realistic creature.


Compositing involves the combination of different visual elements to form a complete picture. Typically, an artist will utilize a green screen, but it is later replaced with graphics. This replacement happens during the post-production stage. 

Following its practicality, the compositing technique is primarily used in making ads and movies. On the other hand, it can be used together with Matte Painting, an SFX technique.


Also known as computer-generated imagery, CGI involves effects created digitally and added in the post-production. In other words, CGI is the development of any surface, creature, object or effect. The CGI technique is popularly used to develop an object that does not exist in real life or to create a model for an ad. Further, the method enhances a particular picture with extra effects and elements, for instance, in a crashing plane or a massive army in an epic series. 

What Should I Look for in a VFX Company?

To ensure the best quality, various essential factors must be considered when selecting a VFX studio. Firstly, you must ensure that your prospective VFX studio has a robust track record of delivering high-quality results. Secondly, you must choose a company with a passionate and creative team. This way, you can be sure to get quality and timely results. Lastly, you must check the company’s portfolio to see if they have worked on similar projects recently. As a result, you can be guaranteed to work with skilful and experienced personnel dedicated to delivering the best.


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