Why So Many People are Moving to Florida

Florida has quickly become the number one state for people to move to in the United States. In fact, it just surpassed New York as the second hottest housing market in the country. From the largest, most populated cities to the smallest neighborhoods, the population growth in the past decade has been tremendous. This has caused many areas of the state to climb in value, especially since the pandemic.

The main reasons for the increase in interest in moving to Florida are work changes, housing changes, and an overall heightened quality of life. First, the flexibility of remote work has allowed over 16% of Floridians to work remotely, a number that is only expected to increase in the coming years. Florida had the third highest rate of new business applications per capita in 2022, and is home to the highest percentage of small businesses in the United States. In addition, Florida saw the 3rd highest employment increase of 2023.

The overall quality of life in Florida is very high as well. Residents of the state enjoy temperate weather year round, with an average daily temperature ranging from high 50s to low 80s. There is also no imposed state income tax, saving residents money and allowing them to enjoy their hard work and earnings. There is also a generally lower cost of living compared to other popular states in the United States such as New York and California.

The housing market is currently the largest draw to the Sunshine State, as the residential sector alone is currently worth $3.81 billion. New constructions are at an all time high, with building applications reaching numbers higher than California and New York combined. Hopeful residents enjoy lower home prices, and first-time homeowners have much greater access to real estate.

Because of these opportunities, it is important for movers to carefully consider what they need, want, and can afford in a new home. Some experts recommend speaking to locals and connecting with neighbors or even professionals to learn more about the area and the process of buying a home in Florida. Fortunately, there are several services available in the state to help movers do this, guiding them through loans, mortgage help, or even just pointing one in the right direction. Everyone has unique needs, which is why it is important to seek personalized help and guidance when making a larger life decision, such as a move. Taking advantage of some of these services can even include added benefits. Cash back, closing credit, down payment assistance, and other perks are just the beginning.

For those looking to streamline the homebuying experience, the options are endless. As Florida continues to grow as a popular and appealing housing market in the United States, the resources will only continue to become more abundant. Whether one is a first-time homeowner or is simply looking to make their next move to a booming area, no one is ever alone in starting this new chapter of their lives in the Sunshine State.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?


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