5 Cool Ways to Use Movies to Help Connect With Teenagers

Communicating with teenagers is not always easy for parents. Though there is no correct answer, movies can be a way to get them talking without going through an interrogation. Movies are a way to bond, open up lines of communication about sensitive topics, learn more about your teen’s interests, and more. However, it may take more effort than popping popcorn and plopping down on the couch. Here are five cool ways to use moves to connect with your teenager.

1- Home Movies

Often, teenagers forget that their parents were once teenagers. Show your teenager you were once in their shoes. The times may have changed, but teenagers haven’t. The concerns of getting into college, finding a job, and politics, for example, are universal concerns for teenagers. Show them you were once in their shoes. Talk about how their grandparents were as parents. Honestly answer any questions they may have, no matter the subject and regardless of how embarrassing. In the long run, it will only strengthen your bond.

2- Movie Marathons With a Theme

To pick movies for a movie marathon, it helps if you have a topic you want to discuss or information about a touchy subject you want your teen to know. Topics such as coming of age, social justice, friendship, and identity are all things teenagers can relate to. After each movie, start a decision. Ask open-ended questions. Be ready to listen to their answers.

3- Dinner and a Movie

Food is always a way to bring people together. It is easy to order a pizza but take it further, especially if your teen likes to cook. For example, if you watch 16 Candles, make a birthday cake or your teen’s favorite cake. If your teen is going to travel abroad, create a dinner around the places they will be visiting. Select movies based in those countries to tie the theme together. Ask questions regarding things they might be most worried about.

4- Make a Movie

If your teen is already posting shorts or reels on their social media platforms, consider taking it to the next level and suggest making a family movie. It could be the day and the life of the dog or cat. It could be about a topic of interest or concern or something happening in the community. The important part is everyone is working together and connecting. Have your teen take charge and assign roles such as scriptwriting, editing, directing, and acting. Plan a premier party. Get dressed up and enjoy some fancy finger foods.

5- Take It Outside

One of the best ways to connect with your teen is to get to know their friends. Host an outdoor movie night. Get a mix of contemporary, classic, and movies from their childhood that teenagers would enjoy. Make sure to get some input from your teen. Set up a snack area filled with movie treats and drinks. Have plenty of blankets, cushions, and pillows for everyone. After the movies, start an informal conversation to help engage all the kids. Listen to their thoughts about the movie choices.


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