Crispy Wonders: Tasting at CES 2024 with Midea’s Double Decker Air Fryer

At the CES 2024,my senses were immediately captivated by the aroma emanating from Chef Marco Medici’s cooking station. Nestled amidst the innovative tech displays, Chef Marco (@chefmarco_nyc), armed with Midea’s Double Decker Air Fryer, embarked on a culinary journey that tingled my palates with exceptionally convenient home cooking.

The first creation to grace my palate at the Midea station was a simple yet sublime rendition of potato chips, a great starting canvas. Chef Marco took the humble potato and, with a few deft strokes, transformed it into a crispy delight. Sliced to precision, the potatoes were seasoned with a harmonious blend of onion powder, paprika, and rosemary. He laid them out in the spacious interior, showcasing the air fryer’s expansive 11QT capacity. The real magic unfolded in the cooking process, as the rapid air circulation within the air fryer, operating at an impressive 400°F, crisped the potato slices to perfection in just 15 minutes. The result? A batch of golden brown potato chips, each chip embodying a symphony of flavors that left an indelible mark on my taste buds. The crispy exterior and the nuanced seasoning showcased the capabilities of Midea’s revolutionary kitchen marvel.

Next on the tasting journey was a culinary classic, reimagined through the see-through lens of the Midea Double Decker– air-fried chicken thighs. Chef Marco’s preparation began with a generous seasoning of garlic powder and rosemary, infusing the chicken thighs with aromatic brilliance, breaded with eggs and unsalted bread crumbs. The seasoning process was a testament to the wide temperature range of the appliance, allowing for an infusion of flavors at 400°F. As the thighs tastefully entered the air fryer, the powerful 1700W motor engaged, and the real two-zone cooking mechanics ensured that all the food prep was receiving the same attention. The even heating, a result of the air fryer’s rapid air circulation, achieved a golden crispiness in just 20 minutes. As the air fryer hummed with anticipation, the chicken thighs emerged with a golden crispiness that beckoned to be savored. The succulence of the meat paired with the impeccably crunchy exterior showcased the air fryer’s ability to achieve the perfect balance in every bite.

What struck me most about Chef Marco’s creations was not just the delectable taste but the sheer simplicity and efficiency of the Midea Double Decker. As he smoothly navigated through the cooking process, the empowerment this technology brings chefs and home cooks alike to achieve culinary excellence with ease was evident. The food results were brilliant, each dish distinctly presented a symphony for the palate, where the potato chips exhibited a delightful crunch, and the air-fried chicken thighs consisted of a perfect amalgamation of tenderness and crispiness. The air fryer’s mechanics, from its real two-zone cooking to the powerful motor and rapid air circulation, consistently delivered exceptional results. The flavors emphasized, that Midea’s innovative appliance is not only a time-saving kitchen companion but also an essential tool for conveniently achieving culinary excellence.

As I concluded my tasting journey at Chef Marco’s station, I couldn’t help but marvel at the potential of the Midea Air Fryer. From crisp potato chips to succulent air-fried chicken thighs, this part of the showcase was a testament to the appliance’s versatility and the brilliant culinary execution of Chef Marco Medici. It was an immersive experience, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for smart living.

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