How to Thoroughly Clean Your Refrigerator

Learn how to keep your refrigerator sparkling clean as we uncover some cleaning tips to help you do regular care and proper cleaning.

The refrigerator is generally seen as the workhorse of the kitchen. It basically contains the necessary food items we use daily. So, to keep it thoroughly clean will take more than just occasional wiping off of stains.

The refrigerator needs regular cleaning to avoid the buildup of stains and food particles. If unkept, the buildup can transcend to the outside surfaces and inside. The worst is if perishable goods are forgotten, they can give an offensive odor each time you open the door.

So, use the tips in this article to thoroughly clean your refrigerator. It will help to maintain a clean refrigerator and dispel offensive odors.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need cleaning services Edmonton to keep your refrigerator in good working condition. But, you can also handle the cleaning yourself with natural cleaning ingredients and home items like water, dishwashing soap, baking soda, etc.

So, let us walk you through each section of the refrigerator cleaning.

Cleaning The Drawers and Shelves

To begin this, remove and wash the shelves, drawers, and wire rack with warm water and dish soap. Allow any glass parts to get warm before using hot water on them. If not, they might crack.

To remove stubborn food spills, soften them by using a warm, wet cloth to cover them. Then, use a nonabrasive scrubber to remove them easily without scratching.

Don’t forget to pay special attention to the bottom of the wire racks because it attracts dirt.

Cleaning The Interior

If you have a refrigerator in which you can’t remove the drawers and shelves, you can still clean it. But avoid using commercial refrigerator cleaners. The cleaner scent can affect the smell of your food. So, get a baking soda and water for this task.

Mix a little amount of baking soda into a half bucket of water. Clean inside your fridge from top to bottom with the mixture. This prevents drips from staining places you have already cleaned.

Use a cleaning toothbrush to clean areas that can’t be cleaned with a cloth. When done, wipe out everything dry using a clean towel. A cleanout on this part of the fridge can do a lot of good for the refrigerator itself and the food items in it.

Clean the Exterior

With a good exterior cleaning, you can make your refrigerator look sparkling. Use a multi-purpose cleaner to clean the outer surface. Also, apply a little elbow grease to remove dirt on the handles.

Occasionally clean the top of the fridge even though it is not frequently visited. Dust can build on it over time.

Clean the Gasket

The gasket is found around the fridge door. It is rubber-like. You need to pay special attention to it. For it to maintain a tight seal, it has to be cleaned regularly.

Use liquid dish soap and warm water daily to clean dirt from it. Use a bleach-base cleaner if you detect mold or mildew.

After that, rinse it well and dry it with a dry cloth. Then, use a small amount of petroleum jelly to coat the seal. This will prevent it from drying out.

Clean the Coils

This is a part you cannot see, but it needs to be cleaned occasionally. Cleaning this part of your fridge is a bit more serious. But cleaning it can help your fridge to work better and last longer.

Before you start this task, check the refrigerator manual for instructions. If no coil cleaning instructions are given, check online. You can find most of the appliance manuals online. Use your model number to narrow down your search.

Regardless of your refrigerator model or make, the first step is to put off and unplug the refrigerator. Coils are found at the back or under the fridge. Find where the coils of your refrigerator are and remove the grill piece on the front. Then, use a coil brush to clean them.

Clean the Water Dispenser

Give your water dispenser a thorough cleaning if you want to continue enjoying clean, fresh, and filtered water from your fridge. This part of the fridge is liable to water spots and stains. So, use a vinegar-based cleaner to thoroughly clean the tray, then dry it when done.

If the dispenser tray is removable, you can remove it and wash it in your sink. Use a soft toothbrush to clean tight corners.

Replace your water dispenser and ice filter as recommended in the manual. This keeps them in perfect working conditions.

How to Remove Odors from Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator can be a conducive place for offensive odors to thrive if you don’t keep it clean. Once foul odor starts to come out from your fridge, it will be difficult to get rid of the smell. But with harsh chemical cleaners, you can tackle the odor.

Another method to apply is to fill an open container with baking soda and put it on the bottom shelf. Do this once you have finished cleaning and drying every surface. The baking soda will prevent any subsequent odor from affecting your food.

Once you are through with your refrigerator cleaning and deodorization, start putting back your items. This is a good chance to rearrange your fridge. Trash any expired or spoiled food items.


Engaging the steps mentioned here can help you keep your refrigerator clean, fresh, and lasting longer. Some preventive measures need to be observed to maintain a clean fridge. Ensure that the fridge is not reloaded with spoiled perishable foods to prevent sticky spills.

If any item is expired or not fresh, trash it immediately. Use baking soda and water to clean drips on bottles, jars, or cans. Ensure they are all dry before putting them back into the refrigerator.

Cleaning the refrigerator items immediately after you use them after a cooking or meal prep can make the refrigerator cleaning easier.

Take time once a week to check for expired and spoiled leftover items in your fridge and trash them out. This will prevent odors and sticky spills from affecting your clean refrigerator.


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