Is Travis Kelce already married? Here’s everything Taylor Swift doesn’t know

Well, slap my knee and call me a hipster, it seems like the grapevine of gossip has intertwined with the sports world once again. The burning question “Is Travis Kelce married?” is zipping around faster than a football in the Super Bowl. And who better to not know the answer than the eternally ex-loved, Taylor Swift? Really, folks, it’s a sitcom plot the world didn’t know it was craving. In these tumultuous times, amoré is what we’re rooting for – even if it’s between exes. After all, a powerhouse like Swift ain’t one to get lost in the petty game of jealousy, right?

Travis Kelce married to the game, or to the dame?

For those of you who don’t follow the sports world as closely as the Hollywood A-listers, Travis Kelce, all-pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is the recent subject of the gossip vine. Did he or didn’t he take the plunge into the matrimonial pool? In a plot twist as dramatic as one of Shonda Rhimes’ “Grey’s Anatomy” finales, it appears the answer is as clear as economy class airplane coffee – murky at best.

Pulling out our keep-it-real side, remember folks, the main dish on this chit-chat buffet is the speculation about how Taylor Swift feels about this little sporting love match. Now we’re keen on watching sports (especially watching hunky, handsome sportsmen) but our T-Swizzle is more entangled with battling Scooter Braun over her master recordings. She sure ain’t got no time for petty stuff, don our bettin’ caps.

At the end of the maddening day, aren’t we all pining for a sprinkle of sunshine in the midst of this storm we call life? So whether Mr. Kelce is off the market or still checking ‘single’ on his tax forms, let’s throw a two-minute drill for amicable separation, reconnection, or whatever that tickles their heartstrings right. In a world where ‘unprecedented’ is becoming exhaustingly precedented, let’s just hope our exes can play nice in the sandbox, for love’s sake.

“Swift’s ex-BF Kelce playing musical chairs with love”

Rolling the dice of love, it’s startling how our boy Travis Kelce seems to be finding solace in the game of thrones, or rather, the game of dames. Is he married? Or is he sticking to the football field for company? Honestly, it’s more ambiguous than a cliffhanger ending in a Kubrick film. But it sure keeps us turning the pages, doesn’t it?

Now, Chuck Taylor Swift into this muddling mix and what you’ve got is a rom-com that rivals Hollywood’s finest scripts. Swift, the unabashedly unapologetic ‘Bad Blood’ queen, doesn’t bat an eyelash when it comes to getting her hands dirty with legal battles. This leaves us to ponder, between depositions, courtrooms, and reclaiming her music – would she really toss a sidelong glance at this whole Kelce hullabaloo? Our money’s on no.

So here’s a toast to our resilient exes, and a wink towards the mystery that is Travis Kelce’s marital status. What the world needs now, more than ever, is a little bit o’ love – even if it’s just a friendly wave from across the desert that is social distancing. We might be swimming in murky waters folks, but at least let’s put in a paddling pool to lighten the mood. Whether Kelce has wedded or is still an eligible bachelor, we’re rooting for amicability and good vibes all around. Let’s save the drama for the game, shall we?

Kelce’s love life: a touchdown or a roughing the passer?

Alright, folks, here’s a prime-time question that’s more gripping than the last minutes of Super Bowl: is our man Travis Kelce married or not? The goss-mills are working overtime and so is our curiosity. Between touchdowns and love matches, this lad seems like he’s been tackled by ambiguity. Remember, though, the MVP of this saga isn’t Kelce but the curiosity surrounding his alleged ex-Swift.

With this yarn spinning like a football in mid-air, our ‘Love Story’ girl’s interest in this hullabaloo is as questionable as a referee’s call in overtime. One look at Taylor Swift and you can bet she’s got bigger fish to fry – speaking of that whole ‘master recordings’ kerfuffle. Swift’s focus is locked on her music and legal battles, not being the arbiter of an ex’s love life.

Whether Travis Kelce has tied the knot or is still playing the field, here’s hoping for good vibes between exes and a heartfelt pre-game handshake. As for Swift, we’re pretty certain her reaction to this new development is a simple shake it off and keep strumming. When all’s said and done though, we just need a dash of love sprinkled over the world, whether in jest or not. Let’s keep the pigskin in the game and the drama off the field.


“No drama, no interceptions, just love”

Ready to cap off the saga of Travis Kelce’s relationship status? Let’s swoop into the endzone with this: we’ve all grappled with heartaches, drawn-out rumors, and long lines at the DMV. But at the end of it, we’re all just searching for a slice of that heart-shaped pizza called love. Regarding the mind-bending question, “Is Travis Kelce married?” well, we could do with a raincheck or two.

Swift, on her end, probably hasn’t even bothered squinting at the rumor mill; she’s too busy rallying for artists’ rights and penning anthems that ignite right from the chords. Between filing lawsuits and reclaiming her kingdom of music, it’s unlikely she’s even blinked at the ‘Travis Kelce married’ dilemma. For whatever it is worth we are pretty sure his ex Kayla Nicole is pretty bored of all the speculation and she just wants to keep living her life out of the spotlight.

In a year that’s been as messy and unpredictable as a wild card weekend, we’re just rooting for everyone to be in good spirits, whether they’re drafting love letters or running routes. As the saying goes, all is fair in love, war and fantasy football drafts. So here’s to teeth-gritted smiles and a touchdown in the love department. After all, aren’t we all just hoping for a love story Taylor would approve of?


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