Lucas Lockwood: Unwavering in His Pursuit of Excellence

1.Your diverse roles in Netflix’s “S.W.A.T.,” HBO’s “Hacks,” and Amazon’s “The Terminal List” showcase your versatility. How do you approach each character, and are there specific aspects of acting that you find particularly challenging or rewarding?

In T.V. and film, you only get to peek into 2 hours of a character’s life. Therefore, I approach my characters by creating 25+ years of life before the 2 hours you will see me on-screen. I tend to interview my characters by asking close to 100 questions, such as what my character’s top 3 favorite movies are, their favorite memory growing up, and what his relationship is like with his family; then, I convert from his thoughts and memories to my thoughts and memories. Those questions help me better understand who this character is, which will help me make the most authentic reactions when responding to my on-screen partners saying their dialogue.

2.Being part of commercial campaigns for brands like Toyota, AutoNation, and Gainful is impressive. How does your experience in commercial acting differ from your work in television and film, and do you have a favorite campaign you’ve been a part of?

In commercial acting, the primary focus is often on briefly delivering a message and creating a memorable impact within a short timeframe. It requires a totally different skill set compared to the more extended character development I do in television and film. In commercials, the emphasis is on quickly conveying authenticity and connection, which can be easy if you enjoy a product. I tend to have fun in commercials, especially if it’s a fun comedic commercial.

3.Congratulations on forming Lockwood Entertainment. Can you give us a sneak peek into the projects you have lined up for 2024, and what inspired you to venture into production?

I’m excited to share that my team at Lockwood Entertainment and I have been working on two thrilling series. One draws inspiration from the dynamic blend and joy of ‘New Girl’ and the superpower, action-filled ‘The Boys,’ promising an exciting and unique exhilarating experience. While the titles are still under consideration, the anticipation is building, and I can’t wait to see fans’ reactions when these projects come to life.

4.Your volunteering efforts in schools, children’s hospitals, and nursing homes highlight your commitment to inspiring others. Can you share some memorable moments from your volunteer work, and why is this cause important to you?

Volunteering in schools, children’s hospitals, and nursing homes has been deeply rewarding for me. One particularly memorable experience was caroling at a Texan nursing home during Christmas. Witnessing the residents light up with joy as they sang familiar carols from their youth was heartwarming. It’s these moments of connection that make volunteering so fulfilling for me—being present for individuals who may feel unseen or forgotten. The opportunity to bring a sense of joy and nostalgia to the elderly, allowing them to momentarily relive cherished memories, is truly special. This cause is important to me because it allows me to contribute to the well-being of others and create meaningful connections across generations.

5.From your Brazilian roots to your roles in American productions, how has your cultural background influenced your approach to acting, and do you actively seek out projects that showcase diversity and representation?

My Brazilian roots have significantly influenced my approach to acting, particularly in navigating environments and relationships on set. The Brazilian culture strongly emphasizes empathy and warmth, traits that I bring into my work. For example, in Brazilian culture, people greet each other with hugs and kisses on the cheeks, which is very different from how we greet one another here. While the American film industry may not incorporate the same physical greetings, I strive to infuse a sense of rapid bonding and trust-building, creating a welcoming atmosphere on set.

Regarding project selection, I do my best to understand why filmmakers make their casting decisions if it relates to the story. So, as much as I’m HUGE on diversity, I’m more relaxed if it changes how the story is intended to be done. However, I find joy in collaborating with like-minded filmmakers who appreciate the value of diversity. It goes beyond representation for me; it’s about fostering an environment where varied perspectives enhance creativity and collaboration. Working with a diverse team allows for a richer exchange of ideas, ultimately contributing to the production’s success.

6.You’ve worked with notable actors like Shemar Moore, Jean Smart, and Chris Pratt. Are there any specific lessons or experiences you’ve gained from collaborating with seasoned professionals in the industry?

Yes, one recent that stands out as particularly meaningful. Working alongside Jean Smart has been a source of inspiration and wisdom that has impacted me.

Jean, with an impressive portfolio of over 124 projects, not including her remarkable theatre performances and upcoming films, is an icon in my eyes. During one of our conversations between scenes, Jean shared her career trajectory, highlighting that she started at the same age I did. Her words of encouragement resonated as she emphasized the importance of consistency, hard work, and resilience. Jean’s reminder that she is still actively pursuing her passion to this day reinforced the notion that age is not a barrier to success in this industry. The fact that she saw my talent and commended it gave me a fantastic amount of excitement and fuel to keep pursuing my career no matter how old I am.

Her words have become a guiding light for me, reinforcing my commitment to remaining consistent, dedicated, and unwavering in my pursuit of bringing impactful stories to life on both screen and stage.

7.A love for CrossFit, movies, sports, and travel paints a vibrant picture of your interests outside of acting. How do these activities contribute to your overall well-being and creativity, and do you have any favorite travel destinations or workout routines?

Maintaining my mental health is a top priority for me, and engaging in diverse activities is key to achieving that balance. CrossFit, with its ever-changing workouts, not only keeps me physically fit but also mirrors the constant challenges in life, emphasizing personal growth over external competition. The only person you’re competing with is yourself.

Movies, sports, and travel play pivotal roles in broadening my perspective. They expose me to many stories, cultures, and environments, allowing me to comprehend diverse life experiences. Observing these realities enhances my ability to create authentic and dynamic characters in my acting roles.

When it comes to travel, exploring new destinations fuels my creativity by providing fresh insights into different lifestyles and backgrounds. This continuous exploration helps me understand the intricacies of human experiences, making my portrayals more fine-tuned and genuine. Ultimately, these activities collectively contribute to my overall well-being and serve as a wellspring of inspiration for my creative pursuits.

8.Your involvement in “A Miracle Before Christmas,” “American Gangster,” and “Ballers” has provided a range of roles. Is there a particular genre or type of character you’re drawn to, and why?

Throughout my roles, I’ve discovered a natural inclination towards hero-like characters, particularly in military and police roles. This association stems from a personal conviction rooted in my own experiences. Having faced bullying in my youth, I made a commitment to use any influence I gained to ensure others wouldn’t undergo similar hardships or have suitable role models to encourage unity and justice.

Portraying characters who come in to protect and serve resonates deeply with me, as it aligns with the values I hold dear. These roles not only allow me to bring authenticity to the screen but also provide a platform to embody the principles I believe in. It’s through these hero-like roles that I feel a profound connection, allowing me to bring a piece of myself to each portrayal.

9.As an actor and now a producer, how do you balance the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry, and what advice would you give to aspiring actors looking to diversify their roles or start their own production ventures?

Balancing the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry is undoubtedly challenging. Still, with the right vision, mindset, drive, and a dedicated team, I’ve found that everything is possible. As I deepened my understanding of acting and filmmaking, I realized that I had the potential to bring more stories and ideas to life by taking on the producer and director roles.

This expansion, while making my days busier and more challenging, has been incredibly rewarding. Transitioning from being an employee as an actor into an employer as a producer has allowed me to support fellow actors and filmmakers in pursuing their dreams by providing employment. Despite the constant evolution of industry dynamics, from new laws to changing requirements, having the right team by my side has allowed us to navigate these challenges successfully. While it may feel like we’re always playing catch-up, the collaborative effort of a dedicated team ensures that we create movie magic together.

10.Looking ahead, are there dream roles or projects you aspire to take on, and what goals do you have for your career in both acting and production?

Looking ahead, one of my dream roles is to portray a superhero. The rich characters brought to life by both DC and the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always been some of my favorites, and it’s a personal aspiration to step into the shoes of one of these iconic Superheroes.

Regarding my career goals, as I continue to expand my production company and make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry, I aim to produce beautiful, life-changing films. My vision is to contribute to the world by creating content that brings peace, love, justice, and laughter into people’s lives. I aim to be the person in the industry who provides opportunities for others, becoming a catalyst for talent to shine. I aspire to be one of those individuals that people thank on stage when they achieve milestones like winning Oscars, Emmys, and SAG Awards, knowing that I saw them, believed in them, and gave them a chance to thrive.


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