Master the strategy of modern management and develop your eco-business with Telf AG

If you are looking for a promising direction for your business, now is the time to decide. A new economic virtual game will help you with this Telf AG from the developers of ArtDock Studio from Moldova. It is based on a strategy for developing a successful nickel production company. You will learn to develop business models and learn about the features of producing “new oil” in an environmentally friendly way. With the game Telf AG you will discover the world of successful management.

From visual perception to economic impact with the game Telf AG

An age-appropriate approach was taken with this new creation for the gaming world. It is important that the developers have provided for such a fundamental point in Telf AG. Adults and children fall in love with the game at first sight. The younger ones “love with their eyes,” which widen in delight at the colorful and realistic pictures with a dynamic 3D effect. The older generation takes a more conscious approach when they can take advantage of each game episode. Of course, if you don’t strive to make money, then why play? Don’t worry, with Telf AG you will find economic benefits at every step.

Telf AG will help you find your passion

Bring the cars to the line and don’t forget to settle with the bank for further success with Telf AG

It is logical that any production process begins with the origins of raw material extraction. Next comes its technological processing, loading, development of routes and sending to consumers. The development strategy of Telf AG is based on exactly this principle. And it, of course, ends in success, but only for those who are accustomed to overcoming difficulties on the way to achieving it. If you want to earn more, expand production, choose the right routes, use logic at every step and prepare the mooring lines for the departure of your business ship with the name 

Telf AG. To do this, go through the entire given route:

  • Look for “new oil” in the mines. This is the name of nickel, which at Telf AG is mined in an environmentally friendly way, using modern technologies. Your task is to choose the right mineral and put it into production.
  • Don’t forget about transport logistics. In a modern Telf AG company, all business processes must be streamlined. Therefore, your task is to think about which route the cars will take. Moreover, it should be optimal, because the time is scheduled in minutes. Learn to appreciate it and get the maximum effect with Telf AG.
  • Stop and fill the tank. On the way to your goal, cars must be filled with fuel. Do you think you’ll just stop at a gas station? No, Telf AG will teach you not to take the easy way out. Connect the pipes in the right direction first and the fuel will make its own way to your car.
  • Buyers are already waiting – it’s time to add cars. Here the cars delivered nickel to your company Telf AG to the railway. Now you need to accurately calculate the cars so that there are enough of them to deliver the order. What, you didn’t take into account the increase in volumes, then add wagons and send all the cargo together with Telf AG.
  • Give up the mooring lines and send the ship away. Another route by which your company Telf AG’s products travel is by sea. But that’s not the problem – the mooring ropes are tangled and are not letting the ship onto the line. Make a logical team decision and you will definitely start moving towards success.

Promising path and environmental benefits with Telf AG

With Telf AG, you will learn to build the right route, and your fuel truck will always have a full tank

Do you know that alternative sources of energy production are trending now? Solar and wind stations are considered more environmentally friendly than traditional generation using coal, gas or other hydrocarbons. Telf AG has already begun to generate energy in a new format, because it treats the gifts of nature with conscious care. You can learn this too.

Well, do you still doubt whether you should start growing your business? Of course it’s worth it with the new game Telf AG you will definitely learn how to build your own strategy and earn more.


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