Unleash Your Child’s Inner Fighter: Brittany O’Connor, a Dancer and a Mentor, Reveals the Ultimate Gift You Can Give Your Child

Being a parent is a big responsibility that requires selflessness, sacrifice, and farsight. A child’s happiness is a parent’s ultimate goal, and gifts are one way to achieve that. Sure, toys and such stuff can bring a smile to your little ones’ faces, but as intelligent parents, you know that equipping your children with essential skills is far more important. Life can throw some curveballs, and it’s best to be prepared.

Celebrity dancer, mentor, and motivational speaker Brittany O’Connor has accomplished a lot in her life. Though it wasn’t easy, she had to sail through one storm after another to reach her destination. Brittany talks about the priceless gift her parents gave her, which served as a weapon and a shield against the hardships she faced; she claims that it is the best gift a parent can offer.

Her father is ex-military, was injured, and declared quadriplegic. Doctors told him that he would never be able to look after himself. Defying all odds, he strived to become independent, gave his best in raising Brittany and her brother, became one of the top wheelchair rugby players in the USA, and is a motivational speaker for injured veterans.

Her mother is one of the few women at the top of Wall Street. She had to fight for her position against all kinds of challenges as a woman. Brittany’s parents shared a powerful trait – they never gave up. No matter how challenging the circumstances, they chose to press forward with grit and determination.

This fighting spirit was a gift they instilled in Brittany from a young age and has remained with her throughout her life. Following her parent’s footsteps, Brittany was unfazed by any storm that blocked her path. Even when she was considered too late to join ballet at 14, she defied them, honed her skill, and came out successfully. Even the struggle with her undiagnosed autoimmune condition did not deter her from her path.

In addition to these practical struggles, her parents initially disapproved of her pursuing a career in arts. However, being a fighter, Brittany stayed persistent in her ambition. Refusing to allow anyone’s opinions to sway her, she has shown the world the power of pursuing your dreams with unwavering conviction.

Today, Brittany O’Connor is a renowned name in professional dancing. From being signed by SemperOper to being a master judge for Youth America Grand Prix, becoming a cross over artist from the classical world to commercial world, having been featured in blockbuster movies and award shows. Brittany’s accomplishment is beyond ideal. She is grateful to her parents for the gift of fighting spirit they instilled in her, which made this success possible. Her life journey reminds us that the greatest gifts we can give our children are the values and qualities that will empower them to thrive in life- whatever the circumstances.

To learn how to transform your children’s lives, you can find Brittany speaking extensively on parents equipping their children with the right tools and mindset to carve their own paths rather than serving them their destination on a platter. She considers parents the best mentors because they are the children’s first institutions from which they learn.

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