What was Jennifer Michele’s life like after ‘Joey and Ella’?

Jennifer Michele is a multi-hyphenate performer that has a hand in all aspects of the entertainment industry. At just eighteen years old, she has an impressive resume as both an actress, writer, director, producer, and model.  We were lucky to get some time with Jennifer for this fascinating conversation.

Your lead role in the Lionsgate family film “Joey and Ella” received attention for its heartwarming story. Can you share some experiences from working on the film, and what drew you to the character of Ella?

I was drawn to Ella because I thought she was a very interesting and strong girl. Her mother had died, and she moved to a new town, she was brave and made new friends and stuck up for Joey, no matter what it cost her. I thought the character had a strong sense of what’s right and wrong and a strong opinion, which was fun for me. She didn’t let the hard things in life get her down or leave her discouraged.

Having guest-starred on Fox’s hit show “9-1-1” and recurring roles in “Just my Luck” and “Manny’s Garage Sale: A Hitchcock Knott,” how do you approach navigating various roles in both films and television, and do you have a preference between the two mediums? 

I love all the roles I go for. I love both Tv and Film. I think every acting experience is unique and comes with its own sets of challenges and joys. I navigate more based on the role itself. I act based on what the role requires, not necessarily where the role will be shown. 

Congratulations on your nominations for Young Artist Awards and winning Outstanding Writer for the short film “Riley.” Can you share the inspiration behind the film, and how do you balance your roles as an actress, writer, director, and producer?

Riley is a story about a girl with hopes and dreams, and a strong will to make these come true. I think it’s a nice message to encourage people to believe in themselves and never give up. Balance? Haha. I enjoy doing it all, and these different roles complement each other as well. I enjoy each area of it, and always think of the total picture and total product. I do that when I act, write, direct and/or produce.

Your modeling career has seen you on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and in a national print campaign for Claire’s. How has your experience in modeling influenced your work in film and television, and do you have a favorite moment from your modeling career?

I enjoy modeling a lot, it’s another way to express yourself! Even though there are differences, modeling and acting have plenty of similarities. For me there is not one specific moment that stands out, I enjoy the journey and like learning and growing along the way. 

Devoting time to Food Forward to feed the needy of LA shows your commitment to giving back. Can you share more about your involvement with this organization and the impact you’ve witnessed in your community?

It’s very important for me to give back, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to do so. Food Forward is a wonderful organization, and I work with them to feed people around L.A. It’s a great concept, where the food one person doesn’t need gets given to someone else that really needs it. I always enjoy helping people, and I’m very grateful I can not only encourage others, but physically help them as well.        

Playing polo with the California Polo Club is a unique hobby. How did you discover your love for polo, and how do you balance this physically demanding sport with your acting and other creative pursuits?

It’s important to have fun in life. I’m a very hard worker, but in the end, it’s all about the enjoyment. I really like horses, and the connection you have with the horse while playing polo. Then at the same time, there is the teamwork with your teammates, and the competition with the opponent. I love this combination!

In addition to acting, you enjoy painting, sculpting, dancing, and playing the piano. How do these artistic endeavors contribute to your overall creativity, and do you have a favorite medium or form of artistic expression?

I truly love it all. I do what I love to do, which is a wonderful place to be in. I think the way they contribute is that it’s always good to do what you have fun with. It allows you to unwind. I’m sure they all influence each other somehow, but I’m glad to live a life with so many passions. 

With a substantial following on TikTok, how do you use this platform to engage with your audience, and what type of content do you find resonates the most with your followers?

I share my journey; I share what I’m passionate about. We all influence each other, and it’s a great way to connect with everyone. I think people resonate with doing what you’re passionate about. It’s exciting to see someone enjoy what they’re doing, and what they love.

What advice would you give to aspiring actors or creators looking to balance multiple roles in the industry, and how has your journey shaped your perspective on success and fulfillment in your career?

I would say do what you have fun with. I happen to enjoy so many different things, but I don’t think that’s a must. You know in your heart what you enjoy, and I would just go ahead and do what you have a good time with. 

Looking ahead, are there specific projects or roles you aspire to take on, and what goals do you have for your career in the entertainment industry?

The fun thing about acting is telling stories, sometimes close, sometimes far from our own lives. I like a challenge; I like playing roles that stretch me. I just enjoy what I do and trust the process. I like to take it one step at a time. 


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