A Film Daily Exclusive Interview with Actress Sky Alexis

Sky Alexis is an actress and voiceover artist best known for her voice over roles in multiple award winning films and television series.  She voices the role of Lisa in the just released Dreamworks Animation Film now streaming on Netflix called “Orion and the Dark”. Sky can also be heard in the Oscar Award winning animated film “Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio”. Her other award winning roles include a supporting role in the Oscar nominated film “Klaus”.  This critically acclaimed film took home many awards, receiving seven Annie Awards in 2020 including best animated feature, direction, editing, production design, character design, character animation and storyboarding.  Sky’s other credits include voicing the role of Hippety Hopper in the Cartoon Network Looney Tunes show Bugs Bunny Builders as well as the live action Netflix series “Emily’s Wonder Lab. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing this young talent about her career. 


1. You have been in the industry as an actress and voice over artist for a long time. What got you interested in acting and specifically voice over work?


When I booked my first voice over role it opened a new world for me. I learned that I could create an entire character with my voice and it was really fun.


2. You have been in the film Klaus and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio. Congratulations on being in not one but two Oscar nominated films! Tell us about your role in each film. What is it like being a part of such distinguished films? 


Wow, both of those films were amazing whirlwinds of fun. To be invited to work on two projects that are so beautiful and creative with two of the most amazing directors, Sergio Pablos from “Klaus” and Guillermo Del Toro from “Pinocchio” were honestly the highlights of my acting career so far. 


3. From award-winning films to a recurring role as Hippity Hopper in Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny Builders. How does your work in a series differ from your work in a film? Do you record several episodes at one time?


When you work on a series your character builds and develops at each taping. You get to take them on different adventures over a long period of time. When you record a movie you go in knowing your character’s journey and you really understand where they’re starting and where they end up by the end of the film. You get to understand their entire journey from the beginning. Both are really fun adventures to take.


4. Your newest project is Orion and the Dark. Tell us about this film.


“Orion and the Dark” is an inspirational movie about overcoming fears. The thing Orion fears the most is the dark. When Dark, the embodiment of his worst fear, pays him a visit,  Dark whisks Orion away on a roller-coaster ride around the world to prove there is nothing to be afraid of at night.  


5. Where did you draw inspiration for the character of Lisa in Orion and the Dark? How is the character similar to you and how is she different? 


In “Orion and the Dark”, I play Lisa. Lisa is really fun. She is a ‘know it all’ and excited about it. I’m a lot like Lisa in some ways. I love learning and I can get a little too excited about things I learn as well. Playing Lisa was exciting for me because she is a character that not everyone loves right away and it was cool to play that type of role.  The director Sean Charmatz was also incredible to work with and had such fun ideas for me to try voicing. 


6. You’ve worked some big names as a voice over artist. What was it like working with Guillermo del Toro? Was he in the studio when you recorded or did he send notes to you? 


Guillermo Del Toro was such a kind director to work with. When I recorded they connected to the studio over video conference to direct me. I just really appreciated that Guillermo is this incredible director but he is still really approachable and down to Earth. He was really kind to me and made working on the film so memorable.


7. You were also on the Netflix series Emily’s Wonderlab. It looked like a fun show! What are some of your favorite memories on that series?


Ok I’d have to say Oobleck!!! Who has danced in a pool of blue Oobleck?? I mean, it was a once in a lifetime thing and it was as awesome as it looked. 


8. You have done work as both an actress and a voice over artist. How do you approach selecting roles, and what kind of projects are you drawn to? Do you have any dream roles you would like to tackle in the future? 


Gosh, I’ve worked on some of my dream roles already! I’m really drawn to great feeling roles and beautiful stories. I’d really like to work on a musical series someday. 


9. In addition to your work as an actress you are also going to school. How do you balance your busy work commitments with your schoolwork?


I really love school. I don’t find it difficult at all to do both acting and school. I feel like all of my shows have been really balanced when it comes to my time. 


10. As someone with a significant following on Instagram, how do you engage with your fans on social media, and what role do platforms like Instagram play in your connection with your audience?


I think social media is awesome for connecting with fans and sharing your stories with them. When I’m working, I like to post in real time and bring them along for the journey. It could be as simple as taking them into craft services with me while I grab some lunch.


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