Attracting and Retaining through Online Skills Testing in Recruitment

One of the most important aspects to gain success is a strong, dependable workforce. A company is powered not only by electricity but also by the willingness of the working individuals to achieve the company’s goals. 

And how do the companies achieve a skillful workforce? It’s through the hiring process, of course. When in need of suitable candidates to fill vacant positions, the businesses would usually share the job opportunities.

And yes, the companies wouldn’t just randomly pick someone to work at their offices. Each applicant has to do the online skills testing given as a tool to select only the most suitable persons to fill the available job posts. 

Other than the skills tests, there’s also the psychometric testing that most companies have been using to gain better insight into the candidates. In this article, we want to explain a few things about psychometric online skills testing including the benefits, purposes, and the reason why companies use it.

About Psychometric Testing

Whether it’s an offline or online psychometric skills testing, the candidates have to be able to go through it in order to get accepted for work. But don’t get intimidated whit its alien term. Psychometric basically means a tool to gain a better understanding of someone, mostly it’s psychological.

The test itself is also applied to all kinds of industries as it’s flexible and the kind of tests along with the content can be customized according to the company’s goals and requirements. Psychometric tests can also be used on things other than recruitment. Usually, it’s mostly used as a tool for supporting career counseling, personal behavior testing, or behavioral checking. In short, psychometric testing can be an efficient way to know someone better, not only about their actual skills related to a certain job but also about emotional intelligence and motivation for future growth.

What Kind of Information Does It Offer?

The reason why many companies started using psychometric testing is because of the wide range of spectrums that can be covered. As we’ve told you earlier, this online skills testing is not used to only measure the psychological aspects of someone but also all the other aspects related to work.

There’s a psychometric test to assess someone’s ability to do the job. As each job has different requirements for skills and emotional intelligence, the testing can definitely help employers find the most suitable inquiries.

Other than the actual working skills, the testing can also be used to measure someone’s traits and behavior, two important things that are useful to know how someone would react in various working situations and how well a candidate communicates with fellow employees at the office. 

The test also focuses on motivation and personal growth, values that are useful to measure the risks of employees leaving their jobs due to the lack of motivation, direction, and recognition. 

The Positive Outcomes

Of course, the advantages are also the reason why many businesses have integrated psychometric testing into their recruitment process. The test primarily functions to give employers some benefits related to hiring, such as better employee retention, increased organizational performance, and reduced costs for hiring.

Ultimately, when integrated properly, the psychometric and online skills testing can be beneficial in cutting the required time, energy, and costs for the recruitment process. At the same time, the companies will also have a better chance to get more competitive candidates who have a high motivation and determination to give their best at work.

Since the tests can be done online, the necessary time to hire suitable individuals can be cut more effectively. The results from the testing can be organized into reports that will be sent directly to the HR department for further assessment and decision-making purposes. This can make mass recruitment feel quicker as everything will be more seamless.

Another benefit that can be obtained from the psychometric and skills test is the better personal evaluation as information obtained through this test is objective. By seeing the results, employers may have a better chance to make more accurate predictions about a candidate’s job performance, future growth, and success.

Having future employees who are motivated, skillful, and dependable can provide a better chance for the company to reach success. So is a psychometric test a key to a successful company? It could be. At least, some companies many would consider successful, like Ford and Deloitte, are examples of why most businesses should start using the same recruitment strategy. 


When combined with the skills test, psychometric assessment can be a great way to enhance the recruitment process as it can make it more streamlined, effectively reducing the necessary resources, and providing better insight into the potential candidates. 

Although it’s said to be beneficial, the proper integration strategies are always required to make sure that the testing is relevant and suitable for the recruitment goals.


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