Duplexity’s Savannah Judy Has Always Loved Making Music

Savannah Judy is half of the Indie Rock band Duplexity along with her brother Luke Judy. The two have been performing together almost all their life, even playing siblings on the big screen in such films as “Bombshell” with Nicole Kidman. While always into music, Savannah decided to turn her dreams of being a rockstar into reality when she formed Duplexity with Luke.

 With their debut EP, “Billboards” behind them, she is setting her sights on an even bigger 2024, kicking it off with a new single called “Tolerant”. Savannah took time away from the recording studio for this interview about her illustrious career and the importance of being “Tolerant”.

You have worked on several films with your brother Luke. What has been your favorite project so far?

My favorite project that I have worked on with Luke so far is “Bombshell”. It was a really amazing experience because we got to work closely with Nicole Kidman, who is an extremely talented actress, and we got to see that up close. 

I loved working with Jay Roach because his directing was very clear, and I could tell he knew exactly what he wanted us and her to do to make the scene come to life. It was just an amazing experience overall.

Congratulations on being in the Oscar winning film “Bombshell” in which you played Nicole Kidman’s daughter. What was it like working with her? What did you learn from watching her work?

Working on “Bombshell” was a huge learning experience because I got to watch one of the most accomplished actresses do her work right in front of my eyes. I literally just met her a few minutes into the scene, and it already felt like she was my mother for 13 years. She made the scene come to life effortlessly, and I enjoyed every second of it. From watching her, I learned about getting to know your scene partner in a short amount of time, because actors aren’t always given the luxury of having the time to learn who you are working with.

From Oscar winning films to hit comedies like “American Housewife”. Which genre do you prefer: dramas or comedies?

I enjoy all parts of acting and its entirety, but, If I were to pick, I would choose drama. I am a serious person, so dramatic roles come to me more naturally.

I love to watch dramatic and heavy shows, I just love tapping into the dark parts of yourself and bringing it to life on the screen. My dream role would be to play a supernatural character, like a vampire, or something along the lines of it. I do enjoy comedies too, and they are its own kind of fun!

Having started your career in film, you decided to transition into making music and formed the band Duplexity with your brother Luke Judy. Why did you decide to tip your toe in the music industry?

I have always loved making and playing music my whole life. I remember singing and playing guitar at a young age. Music has always been a huge part of my life, however, just recently I started it professionally with my brother Luke Judy. 

Music takes time, and most of the time taken is developing skills such as singing and playing instruments which takes a lot of practice. So, while I was acting and working on set, I was also honing in on my singing skills. I love that I started Duplexity with Luke, it’s not only a dream come true, but it is amazing to wake up every morning knowing I’m in a rock band!

Your debut EP, “Billboards,” garnered a lot of attention. How would you describe the overall theme and inspiration behind the EP?

The overall theme of “Billboards” is a combination of showing strength and confidence in your decisions and who you are. It is also our debut so there are themes in introduction in the title song “Billboards” such as “this is who we are,”. 

We wanted to make a mix of rock, pop, and a little punk to jumpstart our music career with fun and lighthearted energetic songs. We have new music coming out soon that we are really excited about, that will take these themes to a whole new level.

You wrote your own music. What is your songwriting process? Do you collaborate with your brother or does one of you write the music and the other the lyrics?

My songwriting process is interesting because I cannot force myself to write a song, it has to come to me through inspiration or experience. When I try to sit down and write a song without that lightbulb above my head, what comes out is forced, cringy, and unnatural. However, when I am inspired, which happens a lot, I’ll start with a concept and go from there. 

Usually, the chords come first, and I add lyrics to the feeling of them. I collaborate with my brother, because he has amazing ideas and we both bounce off each other and create amazing things. He is good at the whole songwriting process such as riffs and lyrics and melody, so I love to work with him. We love writing, and we plan to make an album together one day.

You are gearing up to release another original single on March 11th at The Troubadour. What was the inspiration behind the single “Tolerant”?

The inspiration behind the single “Tolerant” was the idea of standing up against a force, such as government or a type of authority that is causing suffering. It’s a fierce and energetic song about fighting for what you believe and not letting anyone shut you down. It is a heavy song that goes along the lines of hard rock/metal to really show the feeling of unrest and anger against who you are standing up against.

Why do you think it is important that a song like “Tolerant” be written today? What do you hope your fans will take away from listening to the song?

I think it is important that a song like “Tolerant” should be written today because I feel like the world is in a scary place right now and has been for the past few years of my teen life, such as the pandemic and the riots, and the war in Ukraine. There is just a feeling of fear and unrest and anger in the world.

 I believe a song like this will help heal the wound us young people have a little from growing up with these experiences. We both want people to feel confident and energized after they listen to this song, and to have a feeling that their voice matters in the world of today, where one voice doesn’t feel like it’s enough, when it is.

When not working you like to experiment with makeup and draw. How do you find time to unwind and recharge amidst your busy schedule?

I find time to unwind and recharge on my off days and I like to do something fun such as, writing a song, drawing one of my characters, or just playing games with my friends and my brother. It is a good thing to give yourself time to do hobbies so then it gives your brain a nice refresh, and your body a break.

As someone with a significant following on Instagram, how do you engage with your fans on social media, and what role do platforms like Instagram play in your connection with your audience?

I’ll engage with my fans by making videos and posts, but mainly I do a lot of stories of music and playing bass. I like to show my audience what my interests are and what I’m doing at the moment, because it gives them a peek into my life. I love to ask my followers questions, such as what song I should learn or play, and I usually get good responses and it is all really fun. I also use my account to show more about my band life, and to promote songs and gigs I am playing.


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