Get all the way into ‘Women Like Us’ before the premiere!

Global Digital Releasing has joined forces with the visionary writer and director Sally Colón-Petree to bring the groundbreaking documentary, Women Like Us, straight to screens around the globe. This isn’t just another film; it’s a movement, a call to arms for empathy, understanding, and action that spans continents and cultures, from the heart of Africa to the bustling cities of the U.S.

A Tapestry of Courage

At its core, Women Like Us is a vibrant tapestry, weaving together the stories of extraordinary women at the forefront of fighting against some of today’s most pressing issues. Imagine delving into conversations about sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, homelessness, and teen suicide with those who are leading the charge to make a difference. It’s a cinematic odyssey that Colón-Petree has crafted, one that’s not just meant to be watched but experienced, leaving audiences not just energized and enlightened but also empowered to take action in their own communities.

The film isn’t just about the challenges faced by women around the world; it’s about the resilience, strength, and unyielding spirit of those who stand up to these injustices every day. With Women Like Us, Colón-Petree has embarked on a transformative journey, taking us along for the ride through the eyes and stories of these change-makers. It’s a project that spanned over three years, marked by challenges such as securing funding, finding the most compelling stories, and piecing together a narrative that not only tells but honors these women’s experiences.

Star Power for a Cause

What makes Women Like Us even more remarkable is the constellation of influential voices that have come together to support the film. Picture this: the dynamic actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd, not just lending her voice but also serving as an executive producer alongside the visionary Dianne Hudson, former executive producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the motivational powerhouse, Tim Storey. The documentary also features insights from figures like Ida Odinga, former First Lady of Kenya, CNN Hero Robin Emmons, and Grammy Nominated Artist and Advocate, MOBY, each bringing their unique perspective to the film’s powerful message.

Shepherd, with her unparalleled energy and spirit, describes the film as “a loving CALL TO ACTION for all women to UNITE globally.” It’s a sentiment that echoes through the documentary, compelling viewers not just to watch but to act, to become part of a global movement towards change. The film, which debuted theatrically in 2018 in over fifty theaters across the U.S., has now set its sights on a broader horizon, with a digital release date slated for April 26th, 2024. It’s an opportunity for audiences everywhere to witness the power of unity, empathy, and action in addressing some of the gravest injustices faced by women globally.

Join the Movement

Women Like Us is more than just a film; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling in sparking change. It’s about not waiting for someone else to take the helm but stepping up to be the catalyst in your own community. With the film’s digital release on the horizon, the opportunity to join this movement is at your fingertips. Will you be part of the journey to not only witness but actively participate in creating a world where every woman’s story is not just heard but honored?


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