Top 5 fishing locations in the UK

Fishing is one of the easiest ways to commune with nature, and in the UK, it has become a century-long tradition during the holidays. There are many spots to fish worldwide, but the United Kingdom hosts some of the best locations. 

In this region, fishing locations are as important as having the proper skills and equipment. Check out some of the top five fishing locations in the country.

River Dove and the Peak District, Derbyshire

The Dove River is a limestone river that moves near Buxton and flows through the Peak District. This popular fishing location in the UK is an excellent spot for fly anglers and offers quality grayling and trout. 

Coarse anglers can also enjoy River Dove, as they can catch great roaches, pike, bream, and roaches. The popularity of this fishing location in the UK is evident in some online games that are underwater-themed and allow players to enjoy the thrill of fishing. Blueprint Gaming’s Fishin’ Frenzy Big Splash is one such title where players can dive into the aquatic world. It also allows players to trigger a unique Pick A Fish bonus by landing three or more Bonus Symbols.


Ramsgate, a seaside town in eastern Kent, is a popular fishing location known for its coastline, tourism, and fishing activities. With a long tradition of sea fishing, Ramsgate holds hundreds of chartered boats and fishing vessels in its harbor. 

It’s known as one of the top fishing locations in the UK because it’s common to find cods, pollocks, rays and plaice in its waters. Moreover, you can find school sharks in this area and fish from the pier to catch eels, go on outings, and more. 

Perth and Tayside, Eastern Scotland

The River Tay flows through the city of Perth and is known to be a habitat for salmon. It’s considered the largest river in the UK in terms of the amount of water that flows through it. 

The fast-flowing waters move through the mountains and to Perth before heading down to Dundee and the North Sea. This fishing hotspot also has spots for brown touts a few miles south of Perth.

Windermere Lake

Known to be the most significant natural lake in England, it would make it onto the list of the top fishing locations in the UK. Windermere Lake is located in the National Park of Cumbria and is a hotspot for tourists interested in outdoor and fishing sports and so much more. 

This hotspot for fishing is an encampment for anglers. The lake’s aquatic diversity is rich in other species like salmon, pike, eels, perch, trout, and arctic char. Aside from fishing in this location, you can enjoy the rich biodiversity in the surroundings, including otters, red kites, squirrels, osprey, and more.

Cast Hold of Adventure

Fishing is a natural sport and a means of fun and culture in the United Kingdom. You can boost the fun on your next fishing adventure by visiting the locations above. Remember to seek local guidance and read up on domestic aquatic laws to avoid harvesting banned species or fishing in prohibited zones.


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