Top 5 requirements to rent a car in Dubai

We all know that Dubai is a city with a stunning Skyline. The city is adorned with luxurious life and extensive road network. That’s the reason, Dubai has a lot of amazing places to explore. Public transport is widely available and cheap in the city but there are many places that are hard to explore by public transport. That’s the reason many residents and visitors  prefer the flexibility of renting a car. However, the process of renting a car needs attention to detail. In this blog, we’ll discuss the significant requirements that you must keep in mind when you aim to rent a car in Dubai.

Valid driving license

The process of renting a car in the city is significantly linked with the fundamental requirements. One of them is a valid driving license. It doesn’t matter that you are a resident of Dubai or an international visitor, you must have an appropriate driving license. It’s a non-negotiable step in the process of booking a car from any car rental agency. 

If you are an international visitor you can also use your home country’s license. But still there are some conditions to be met. Your license must be in English. If it’s another language it would be best to be accompanied by an official translation. That translation in English ensures that the details mentioned are comprehensible by the car rental agencies. If your driving license is not in English, it would be best to obtain an international driving permit. It is also highly recommended in the booking process.

On the other hand, for the residents of UAE, a valid driving license is crucial to rent a car. It is included in the local regulations that you must follow. You must ensure that your driving license is up to date. You must update your license before it expires to initiate the car rental processing in Dubai.


Beyond a driving license, there are some other documents that are mandatory to complete the current process. You must have the copy of your visa and passport if you are an international visitor. You also have a proof of Identity if you are a resident. Along with this, a credit card is also needed for the security deposit. Make sure that you must have all the necessary documents in the physical and digital format. Having these documents means you can complete your car rental process smoothly without any unexpected hurdles.

Age restriction

Many car rental agencies in the UAE have set the minimum age requirement for renting a vehicle. You can only rent a car if you are 21 years old. It is a standard requirement that is applicable to an extensive range of vehicles. It means that the adult people can easily enjoy the flexibility of car rental Dubai. But still it’s essential to consider the certain factors that can influence the age requirement. You must be aware that some luxury and high and vehicles may need more age restrictions. For example in many cases that driver must be 25 years or older. This higher age requirement is linked with the luxury cars as these cars seek professional drivers and more driving experience. 

Before making your booking process and reservation, it is suggested to verify the age requirement from the car rental company. You can also contact the agency directly to confirm the age in advance. In this way you can easily avoid the complications related to the current and process.

Insurance coverage

While booking your car, you must understand the insurance coverage offered by the agencies in Dubai. It will make your process smooth while offering a hassle-free driving experience. Basic insurance is included but you have to consider additional coverage options. Ask for collision waiver, as well as comprehensive insurance. It will help you in minimizing out of pocket expenses in case of any accident. You must familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the insurance policies so you can have save option in case of any damage.

Traffic violation awareness

Dubai has strict traffic regulations. Therefore, violating these regulations can lead to illegal consequences as well as heavy fines. You must familiarize yourself with the traffic regulations. Many current agencies in Dubai can provide you information regarding the local traffic laws but you must have to do your own research. Right knowledge regarding the traffic regulations help you drive safely. You can also avoid any kind of legal issue during the car rental process.


What are the essential documents needed to rent a car in Dubai?

In order to rent a car, you must have the driving license and valid passport. For international drivers, there must be an international driving permit. Keep the credit card in the name of a security deposit. These documents make the car rental process smooth and trouble free.

Is basic insurance included in the car rental process?

Yes, many car rental Agencies offer basic insurance coverage on the rental coast. However it may have a deductible. Therefore, it is suggested to ask about additional options.

Can I use my home country’s driving license in UAE?

Yes, you are allowed to use your home country’s driving license for the car rental process. If the driving license is not in English you can obtain an international driving permit that is also acceptable.

What is the minimum age requirement for renting a car in Dubai?

Many car rental agencies in Dubai required the minimum age of 21 years. However some companies require that drivers be 25 years old. This age requirement is typically for the luxury vehicles that need mode experience drivers.

Is renting a car with a debit card allowed in Dubai?

Generally credit cards are accepted. However, many car rental agencies in Dubai may accept debit cards. It is suggested to confirm the payment options in advance.

Is there any restriction on the type of vehicles to rent in Dubai?

Some car rental agencies in Dubai may have restrictions based on the experience and age of the driver. Hyperformance and luxury vehicles need more experience. So, they may have specific requirements. It’s crucial to check with the rental agency for any kind of restriction.


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