Return Gift Ideas for Kids Parties

A kids party planning involves decorations, smiles, games and presents too. These gifts are not only a gesture of appreciation to guests for attending the event, but also they are tokens of a very special day. If you are looking for unique and personalised ideas for a return gifts for a kids party, you have landed in the right place. Now, let’s discover a handpicked collection of gifts from Zoomin — a premium store with interesting options that will surely give that extra dash of happiness.

Customised Pouches

 Present the gift of style and functionality with personalised pouches. These versatile items range in shape, size, and design, and thus can be used for such purposes as keeping small toys, stationery, or personal belongings. Personalise each pouch with the child’s name or initials, for a special touch that the child will be so happy to flaunt in front of his/her friends.

Personalised Storybooks

Let children’s imaginations ignite with personalised storybooks with their own pictures and names. These books are made specifically from the kid’s name and usually they include other personal details like their hometown or favourite activities. Not only these stories stimulate the passion for reading but they also establish a mystic bond between the child and the story.

Clipboard Name Stickers

Clipboard names are an interesting return gift for kids as they Make kids’ belongings organised by using name stickers on clipboards. These stickers are adhesive and can be personalised with each child’s name. These are excellent for labelling school supplies, notebooks, water bottles, and other items. Colourful and fun stickers have made being organised a creative and beautiful thing to do.

Bento Lunch Box

Promote easy and cute bento lunch boxes that are not only practical but also nutritious. These compartmentalised boxes are perfect for packing balanced meals and snacks, whether for school, picnics, or trips. Pick from a wide range of designs and have the name of the child added on each lunch box for a thoughtful yet practical return gift for kids.

Insulated Water Bottle

Keep it cool and classy with insulated water bottles that keep drinks perfectly chilled even after the first sip. Go for the bottles with captivating motifs, engaging figures or personalised options featuring the kid’s name. Besides being environmentally friendly and useful, these bottles are trendy and make drinking a fun activity.

Foldable Wooden Desk

Promote creativity and learning with foldable wooden tables that provide a specific place for art activities and homework. These small desks come with children functionalities like an adjustable height and shelves where they can keep their art supplies or books. Engrave or paint the name of the child on the desk surface for a heartfelt present that fosters their creativity and productivity.

Themed Activity Kits

Stimulate their curiosity and imagination by giving themed activity kits which they can relate to their interests individually. Whether it is a science experiment kit, a DIY craft kit, or a gardening set, these types of activities keep you busy and entertained while you learn. Personalise every kit with the name of the child and consider using a handwritten note or instructions for more emphasis.

Plush Toy and Blanket Set

A cute and sweet return gift for any kid would be a plush toy.  Nestle little ones are warm and cosy with plush toy and blanket sets fit for cuddling up at night. You can select from a vast selection of cute stuffed animals that come with blankets of matching colours and patterns. Personalise every set with the child name being embroidered on the blanket to enjoy a cuddly keepsake for a lifetime.

DIY Cookie Decorating Kit

Combine creativity with an amazing taste through DIY cookie decorating kits. Provide plain cookies where the kids can decide whether to use the icing, sprinkles or edible embellishments to demonstrate their artistic talents. Every box should be made special with a handwritten recipe or decorating hints for a gift which is both touching and tasty.

Customised Art Supplies Set

Inspire local artists with personalised art supplies kits that spur creativity and uniqueness. Give a tote bag or art box with the basic items such as crayons, markers, coloured pencils, and sketchbooks and then personalise each set with the child’s name or a motivational message on it. These gifts don’t only come in handy during creative tasks but also develop confidence and imagination in the children as well.

Go for gifts that are suitable for the attendees age, hobbies and interests, plus consider their dietary and safety requirements when choosing presents for the kid’s party. Find return gifts for kids that will serve for a long time, match the age and promote creativity, learning and also healthy habits.

Consider remarkable and personalised gift items which will not only give every child a smile but also sustain a good memory of the party in the minds of the children for a long time to come. Without a doubt, these great gift ideas will give your next kids’ party a party to remember!


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